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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985The Effects of Referential Questions on ESL Classroom DiscoursesBrock, Cynthia A.
1990The Effects of Training on Writing Tutors: Interpersonal Skills or the Conference ApproachFujimoto, Donna T.
2010ELI 70/80 Alumni Survey: Evaluation of ELI listeningLee, Josephine; Jung, Hanbyul
2002ELI 73 Writing Class: A Pilot Needs AnalysisLipske, Robert
-ELI 83: Writing for Foreign Graduate Students (An ESL Academic Writing Program)Lapp, Ron; Perrin, Carol
1986An ELI Academic Listening Comprehension Needs Assessment: Establishing Goals, Objectives, and MicroskillsKimzin, Gail; Poctor, Susan
1985ELI Curriculum NeedsMason, Chas
2010Enactment of Teacher Identity in Resolving Student Disagreements in Small Group Peer InteractionsSharma, Bal Krishna
1982Error Correction in Native-Nonnative ConversationChenoweth, N. Ann; Day, Richard R.; Chun, Ann E.; Luppescu, Stuart
2005ESL College Students’ Self-reported Use of Strategies to Comprehend Academic Lecture and the Roles of Gender, Major, L1, Motivation, and Learner BeliefYang, Weiwei; Kim, Eun-Jeong
2004ESL Composition Class: An In-class vs. Online ComparisonLipske, Robert
1985ESL Learner Dictionaries: A Study of Definition DifficultyMcFarquhar, Peter
2007ESL Learning Motivation: What the Students Have to SayBouchard, Julie
1988Ethnographic Inquiry into Second Language Acquisition and InstructionWatson-Gegeo, Karen Ann; Ulichny, Polly
2006Evaluating ELI Reading Placement TestKametani, Jun; Kletzien, Jake
2007Evaluating Rating Variations in Holisting Writing Placement AssessmentKoyama, Dennis
1998Evaluation and Needs Analysis of an Academic Writing Course for International Graduate Students: ELI 83Chou, Chengling
1989Evaluation of a Content Comprehension Approach to Reading English for Science and TechnologyHudson, Thom
2002An Evaluation of an Online ProgramBeamer, Michael S.
2009Evaluation of Interaction in Online Courses in a College English Language ProgramOh, Youngsil