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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982A New Account of Language TransferSchachter, Jacquelyn
1988A Non-standard Approach to Standard EnglishSato, Charlene
1984A Reading Program for Records Management Employees at an International OrganizationMesna, Carole
1994A Study of Requests by Two Native Speaker Groups: University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Graduate Students & the American Military Speech Community of OahuHageman, Marybeth
1985A Study of Transfer in the Speech Act of ApologizingSoong, Mui Yun E.
1991A Survey of Job Satisfaction in ESL: TESOL Members Respond to the Minnesota Satisfaction QuestionnairePennington, Martha C.; Riley, Vincent
2006Abridged Estimate of Inter-rater Reliability in ELI Writing AssessmentKoyama, Dennis; Silver, Dan
1984Academic Listening Comprehension: Does the Sum of the Parts Make Up the Whole?Harper, Andrew
1985Academic Listening Comprehension: Does the Sum of the Parts Make up the Whole?Haper, Andrew G.
1992Acquisition of the English Dative Construction by the JapaneseYoshinaga, Naoko
1991Action Research and Second Language Teachers –It's Not Just Teacher ResearchCrookes, Graham
2012Addressing silence, dominance and off-task talk in group work in an academic writing classSharma, Bal Krishna
2007Administrator Interview Report: Planning Released Teachers' ProjectsOmori, Makoto
2006Advice-seeking and Advice-giving in the ELI CAM: Construction of Novice/Expert StatusYang, Weiwei
1984Agreement and Disagreement in Conversational Discourse and ESL/EFL MaterialsPearson, Eloise
1985Agreement and Disagreement: A Study of Speech Acts in Discourse and ESL/EFL MaterialsPearson, Eloise
1983American and Chinese Politeness Strategies: "It dort of disturbs my sleep," or "Health is important"Nash, Thomas
1988An Exploration of the Use of Scaling and Clustering Techniques in ESL Program EvaluationShuqiang, Zhang
2008An Analysis of Reliability and Item Fuction of the ELIPT Dictation TestDavis, Larry
1985Another Look at Interlanguage Talk: Taking Task to TaskDuff, Patricia A.