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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973Aspects of Vernacular Languages in Asian and Pacific Societies-
1973Martial Law in the Philippines: A Research Guide and Working BibliographyWalsh, Tom
1975Gestapu: Indonesian Short Stories on the Abortive Communist Coup of 30th September 1965-
1975A Balinese Journal, 1971-1972Hilbery, Rosemary
1979We IndonesiansLubis, Mochtar
1979Southeast Asian Research Tools: LaosKeyes, Charles F.
1979Man and Society in the Works of the Indonesian Playwright Utuy Tatang Sontani; and, Awal and MiraAveling, Harry; Sontani, Utuy Tatang
1979A Balinese Journal Continued, 1973-1979Hilbery, Rosemary
1979Reminiscences of a Balinese princeHilbery, Rosemary; Sukawati, Tjokorda Gde Agung, 1910-1978
1980Phali Teaches the Young: A Literary and Sociological Analysis of the Thai Poem Phālī sō̜n nō̜ngWenk, Klaus
1980A Chrestomathy of Pre-Angkorian Khmer I: Dated Inscriptions from the Seventh and Eighth Centuries (A.D. 611 – 781)Jenner, Philip N.
1981A Chrestomathy of Pre-Angkorian Khmer II: Lexicon of the Dated InscriptionsJenner, Philip N.
1982The Autobiography of Lady Siphroma KridakonKridakon, Siphroma
1982The Darkening Sky: An Indonesian Short StoryKipandijikusmin
1982A Chrestomathy of Pre-Angkorian Khmer IV: Lexicon of the Undated InscriptionsJenner, Philip N.
1982A Chronological Inventory of the Inscriptions of Cambodia, Second Edition, RevisedJenner, Philip N.
1983In the Surau: Seven Islamic Short Stories from Indonesia-
1984Change and Continuity in Southeast Asia: The Papers of the Distinguished Scholar Series, University of Hawaii, 1982-
1984An Annotated Index of the Journals of Van Su Dia (1954-1959) and Nghien Cuu Lich Su (1960-1981)-
1986A Third Balinese Journal, 1980 and 1983Hilbery, Rosemary