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1960Artificial induction of polyploidy in orchids by the use of colchicineNakasone, Henry Y.
1964A genetic study of the RA cell, a new line of human amnion, with special reference to cytogenetics, radiation effects and enzyme systemsRegan, James Dale
1965Genetic isozyme variations in Zea maysScandalios, John G.
1966The genetical structure of northeastern BrazilYasuda, Norikazu
1966Inbreeding effects in northeastern BrazilKrieger, Henrique
1968Non-random assortment of chromosome pairs and meiotic drive in Drosophila melanogasterSakai, Richard Kazuichi
1969Aberrant segregation in human populationsGrove, John Sinclair
1969Isolation and characterization of messenger ribonucleic acid for hemoglobinLaycock, David Gerald
1969Studies on quasi-continuityCampbell, Mary Anne
1969A genetic study of the amylase isozyme polymorphism in Drosophila melanogasterMcCune, Thomas Brent
1969Erythrocyte isozymes, other polymorphisms, and the coefficient of kinship in northeastern BrazilAzeveĢ‚do, Eliane S.
1970A genetic and epidemiological study of cleft lip and cleft palate in HawaiiChing, Gerald Hong Sung
1972The genetics of pigeon populations on OahuGo, Rodney Chun-Pung
1974Enzyme polymorphism and desiccation resistance in two species of Hawaiian DrosophilaSteiner, William W.M.
1975Demonstration on zymograms and genetic studies of some enzymes from human salivaTan, Soon Guan
1976Applications of distribution theory in quantitative geneticsYamashita, Toyoko S.
1992Mechanistic studies of carotenoid cancer chemopreventive action in mammalian cell cultures : involvement of gap junctional communication and connexin43 gene expressionZhang, Li-Xin
1995Paragenetic studies of TgHbox1 during sea urchin embryogenesisTurano, Brian
1995pp60src-mediated phosphorylation of connexin43, a gap junction proteinLoo, Lenora Weing Moun