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1981Health hazard appraisal for HawaiiTseng, Wen-hsiung Robert
1982Assessment of the comparability of frequency and quantitative dietary intake measurements for epidemiologic studies of diet-disease associationsChu, Susan Ying
1985Epidemiology of malaria in Punjab, Pakistan : a case study in a rural community near LahoreSuleman, Mohammad
1990A seroepidemiological study of human antibodies to the major merozoite surface coat precursor protein of Plasmodium falciparum (GP195) from a hyperendemic area of the PhilippinesKramer, Kenton Jay
1991Maximizing the use of blocking in record linkage : theory and simulationKhan, Mahmudul Huq
1992Age-parity-duration-specific measures of fertility : application to ChinaNg, Siu-Man
1992An epidemiological study of morbidity, mortality and use of primary health care services among mothers and children in three demographic areas of MozambiqueOliver, Charles Whitney Jr.
1994A nested case-control study of dietary and serum antioxidant exposures and the risk of developing Parkinson's diseaseGrandinetti, Andrew
1994An exploratory comparison of vertebral fracture prevalence and risk factors among native Japanese, Japanese-American, and Caucasian womenHuang, Chün
1995Maternal education and infant mortality in Thailand : comparison between the proportional hazards models with multiplicative and additive risk functionsBoosaba Sanguanprasit
1995A study of determinants of malaria in Kelantan, MalaysiaBjorge, Steven Scott
1996The impact of mammography utilization on breast cancer incidence in HawaiiMaskarinec, Gertraud
1996Cause-specific failure probability with covariate effectsChoi, Kwisook
2002Pregnancy intendedness in Hawaiʻi: findings from the Hawaiʻi pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system, 1999Sato, Alvin H.
2004Epidemiology of HIV-associated risk factors and acquisition of HIV among high-risk women in southern VietnamKomatsu, Ryuichi