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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968The preparation of a cell free system from Bacillus subtilis capable of carrying out protein synthesisMigita, Lloyd Kazuo
1965The purification and characterization studies on the neutral protease from Bacillus subtilisMcConn, James Dwight
1964The purification and some physical-chemical studies of crystalline chymopapain BKunimitsu, Donald Kunio
1969The pyrimidine tracts of bacteriophage øX174Bickel, Riva Pearl Wenig
1994Ribozyme-mediated cleavage of a synthetic tat gene transcriptCarlos, Ruben
1992Site specific mutagen reactions leading to the formation of adducts in DNAPremaratne, Shyamal
1994The state of aggregation of elongation factor Tu from E. coli : from monomers to polymersHelms, Michael K.
1968Steroid hormones and subcellular processesJames, Gordon Price
1976Studies of a sulfhydryl oxidase from the male reproductive tract : a sperm-protective enzymeChang, Thomas S.K.
2004Studies of human serum albumin-ligand interactions using site-directed mutants and recombinant fragments of the proteinYang, Jinsheng, 1961
1972Studies on biochemical changes associated with in vitro capacitation in golden hamster spermatozoaRogers, Beverly Jane
1989Studies on the molecular biology of the cyanobacteria Spirulina maximaLee, Clark P.
1966The study of the active center of chymopapainTsunoda, Joyce Nishimura
1969A study of the biosynthesis of growth hormone and prolactin in bovine pituitary slices and cell-free systemsRobertson, Mary Chalmers
1971The synthesis and release of hormones from human adenohypophyses in vitroSiler, Theresa Marie