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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2004Aerobic And Anaerobic Process For PCBs Removal From Aqueous And Oil PhasesLiu, Kan
Dec-2004Anaerobic Treatment Of PCBs-Contaminated OilAhn, Sun Young
2007Analysis of segmentation methods for partial volume correction in magnetic resonance spectroscopy voxelsAndrews-Shigaki, Brian C.
2006Application of EMMC-biobarrel technology for domestic wastewater treatment and reuseZhu, Jia, 1977
Aug-2003Characterization of residual soluble COD in entrapped-mixed-microbial-cell and activated sludge processSong, Chenyan
2007Comparison of different technologies for dilute milk parlor wastewater treatment and reuseLin, Luo-Ting
Aug-2005Determination Of Chemical Contamination In Green Coffee Beans Grown In East TimorReis, Carlospeloi Dos
Dec-2004Development And Characterization Of A Parallel Microbioreactor SystemRivera, Gwendolyn Leialoha Cheney
2006Engineering and economic evaluation of innovative bioreactor for milk parlor wastewater treatment/reuseKongsil, Piyalerg
Dec-2011Evaluation of a microwire sensor functionalized for rapid detection of escherichia coli cells from liquid foodsLu, Lin
2007Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a novel multi-airlifting membrane bioreactorXu, Zhe
2006Hydrogen production from glycerin reformingDouette, Aurelien M.D.
Dec-2010In situ crystallization of native poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) granules in varying environmental conditionsPorter, Michael Martin
Aug-2003An integrated treatment and reuse system of dairy wastewater - a case study in the state of HawaiiDong, Liangjie
Dec-2004Optimal Harvesting Strategy For Haematococcus Pluvialis Using A Stella-Based ModelTsang, Shuki
Aug-2005A Pseudo-Steady Model For Anaerobic Bio-Nest Reactor For Treatment Of Milk Parlor WastewaterKoppar, Abhay
May-2014Pulsed field electroflotation for harvesting microalgaeKoelsch, Kyle Malone
2007Yeast from papaya processing wastes as aquaculture feed supplementKang, Hsu-Ya