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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
197315:1 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1973Book ReviewsGreen, R.C.; Cheng, T.; Flannery, K.V.; Ottino, P.; Eyde, D.B.; Seelye, M.D.; Newman, T.S.; Keally, C.T.; Pearson, R.; Beauclair, I.; Palmer, B.
1973Discovery of a Neolithic Adze in MadagascarKellum-Ottino, Marimari
1973EditorialSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1973Excavations at Chansen, Thailand, 1968 and 1969: A Preliminary ReportBronson, Bennet; Dales, George F.
1973The First C-14 Date for an Open Site in BorneoHarrisson, Tom; O'Connor, S.J.
1973Notes on a Palaeolithic Site Survey in PakistanJohnson, Elden
1973A Preliminary Report on the Palaeoserology of the Niah Cave BurialsBrooks, S.T.; Heglar, R.
1973A Review of the Pleistocene History of the Orang-Utan (Pongo Lacépède 1799)Kahlke, H.D.
1973Soan Tool Types from Ghila KalanKrantz, Grover
1973Some Pediform Artifacts as Footprints in Space and TimeJanse, Olov R.T.
1973South Orissa Prehistory - The First Record of Stone Age ToolsTripathy, K.C.
1973Stone Artifacts from Tonga and FijiBirks, Lawrence; Birks, Helen