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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1926Saprinus Oregonensis Leconte‚ÄďA Correction (Coleoptera)Hadden, F.C.
1924Scenopinus in Hawaii (Diptera)Bryan, E.H. Jr.
1985The Schistopterinae of Indonesia and New Guinea (Tephritidae: Diptera)Hardy, D. Elmo
1972Science's Issues: Our ResponseChambers, D.L.
1990Scientific and Operational Notes Hypothenemus obscurus (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), a New Pest of Macadamia Nuts in HawaiiBeardsley, John W.
1939Sclerogibbidae, a Hymenopterous Family New to HawaiiSwezey, O.H.
Nov-2005Seasonal and Spatial Distribution of Banana Aphid, Pentalonia nigronervosa (Hemiptera: Aphididae), in Banana Plantations on OahuYoung, Cheryl L.; Wright, Mark G.
Nov-2005Seasonal Occurrence of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) at the Ports of Entry on the Island of KauaiYang, Pingjun; Furumizo, Roy T.; Tanglin, Leroy; Tekekuma, Clyde
1972Seasonal Occurrence of the Hawaiian Cerambycidae (Col.)Gressitt, J.L.; Davis, C.J.
1942Seasonal Trend in the Development of the Sex Forms of the Fire Ant, Solenopsis Germinata (Fabr.) var. Rufa (Jerdon), in the Pineapple Fields of OahuIto, K.
1938A Second Species of Elytroteinus (Coleoptera, Cuculionidae)Zimmerman, E.C.
1951The Seed Corn Maggot, Hylemyia cilicrura (Rondani), from the Silversword Plant (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)Swezey, O.H.
1936Several Undescribed Mymarid Egg-Parasites of the Genus Anagrus HalidayDozier, H.L.
1977Sex Ratios of Wild Populations of Psylla uncatoides (Ferris and Klyver) in HawaiiLeeper, John R.
1971Since "Since Silent Spring"Morrill, Austin
1926The Sisal Borer in Hawaii (Coleoptera)Swezey, O.H.
1998Site of Opposition and Description of Eggs of Sophonia rufofascia (Homoptera: Cicadellidae: Nirvaninae), a Polyphagous Pest in Hawai'iCulliney, T.W.
1929Sitophilus rugicollis (Casey) in Hawaii (Col., Cucurlionidae)Swezey, O.H.
1929Sitophilus rugicollis (Casey) in Hawaii (Col., Cucurlionidae)Swezey, O.H.
1955Size of a Granulosis Virus of Pieris rapae (L.)Tanada, Y.