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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Banana Bunchy Top Disease, a New Threat to Banana Cultivation in HawaiiConant, Patrick
1928Bees of the Genus Perdita in the J. C. Bridwell Collection (Hymenoptera)Timberlake, P.H.
Mar-1986Behavioral Characteristics of Hawaiian DrosophilaSpieth, Herman T.
Dec-2007Behavioral response of the Formosan subterranean termite to borate-treated wood.Campora, Cory E.; Grace, J Kenneth
Dec-2008Biocontrol in Hawaii: A Response to Messing (2007)Holland, Brenden S.; Christensen, Carl C.; Hayes, Kenneth A.; Cowie, Robert H.
1955Biographical Sketch of Dr. R. C. L. PerkinsFullaway, D.T.
1989Biological Control Introductions in the Caroline and Marshall IslandsSchreiner, Ilse
1963Biological Control Investigations on Christmas Berry (Schinus terebinthifolius) and Emex (Emex spp.)Krauss, N.L.H.
1962Biological Control Investigations on Insect, Snail and Weed Pests in Tropical America, 1961Krauss, N.L.H.
1962Biological Control Investigations on LantanaKrauss, N.L.H.
1966Biological Control Investigations on Some Hawaiian WeedsKrauss, N.L.H.
1926Biological Control of Insect Pests in the Hawaiian IslandsTimberlake, P.H.
1972Biological Control of Pamakani, Eupatorium adenophorum, in Hawaii by a Tephritid Gall Fly, Procecidochares utilis. 3. Status of the weed, fly and parasites of the fly in 1966-71 versus 1950-57Bess, Henry A.; Haramoto, Frank H.
1976The Biological Control of Psylla uncatoides (Ferris & Klyver) (Homoptera: Psyllidae) on HawaiiLeeper, John R.; Beardsley, J.W.
Dec-2007Biological control of tephritid fruit flies in Hawaii with special reference to the newly discovered egg-larval parasitoid, Fopius ceratitivorus (Wharton)Bokonon-Ganta, Aimé H.; Wang, Xin-geng; Messing, Russell H.
1980Biological Control of the Banana Skipper, Pelopidas thrax (Linnaeus), (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) in HawaiiMau, Ronald F.L.; Murai, Kenneth; Kumashiro, Bernarr; Teramoto, Kenneth
1932The Biological Control of the Coconut Moth (Levuana iridescens Beth.-Baker) in Fiji–Book ReviewMuir, F.
Dec-1986Biological Control of the Coconut Moth, Batrachedra arenosella by Chelonus Parasites in IndonesiaBaringbing, Wily Ardert
1998Biological Control of the Horn Fly, Haematobia irritans L., in Hawai'i (Diptera: Muscidae)Markin, G.P.; Yoshioka, E.R.
1988Biological Control: A Positive Point of ViewLai, Po-Yung