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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1925Notes on Hawaiian PsyllidaeCrawford, D.L.
1945Notes on Hawaiian Thysanoptera, With Description of a New SpeciesBianchi, F.A.
1922Notes on Immigrant ColeopteraFullaway, D.T.
1990Notes on Immigrant Delphacid Planthoppers in Hawaii (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea)Beardsley, John W.
1944Notes on Insects and Other Arthropods from the Islands of Molokai and Maui, HawaiiKrauss, N.L.H.
1952Notes on Insects Associated with Lantana in CubaKrauss, N.L.H.
1932Notes on Insects Found on Pineapple PlantingMaterialIto, K.; Carter, W.
1924Notes on Inspect Pests in SamoaSwezey, O.H.
1954Notes on Larvaevorid Flies Reared from Prodenia litura Fab. and Othreis fullonia (Clerck) Larvae in American SamoaHoyt, C.P.
1948Notes on Marianas Islands Curculionidae (Coleoptera)Zimmerman, E.C.
1956Notes on Marine Water Striders of the Hawaiian Islands (Hemiptera: Gerridae)Usinger, R.L.; Herring, J.L.
1923Notes on Mealy-Bugs of Economic Importance in HawaiiFullaway, D.T.
1951Notes on Natural Enemies of Tephritid FliesClancy, D.W.; Marucci, P.E.; Van Den Bosch, R.
1939Notes on Oedemeridae in Hawaii and PalmyraSwezey, O.H.
1935Notes on Oodemas, with Descriptions of New Forms (Col.–Curculionidae)Perkins, R.C.L.
1952Notes on Parasites of Fruit FliesMarucci, P.E.; Van Den Bosch, R.; Chong, M.; Clancy, D.W.
1950Notes on Parasites of Tephrited FliesMainland, G.B.; Hardy, D.E.; Clancy, D.W.; Bess, H.A.; Fullaway, D.T.
1937Notes on Potato Insects in HawaiiSwezey, O.H.
1926Notes on Rhyncogonus extraneus (Col.)Swezey, O.H.
1931Notes on Some Bugs Associated with Pineapple in HawaiiIllingworth, J.F.