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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Arbuscular Mycorrhizas: Producing and Applying Arbuscular Mycorrhizal InoculumHabte, M.; Osorio, N.W.
1999Bulb Onion Production in HawaiiHamasaki, Randall T.; Valenzuela, Hector R.; Shimabuku, Robin S.
2000Chapter 0: Plant Nutrient Management in Hawaii's Soils: Approaches for Tropical and Subtropical AgricultureSilva, James A.; Uchida, Raymond S.
2000Chapter 1: Managing Fertilizer Nutrients to Protect the Environment and Human HealthSilva, J.A.; Evensen, C.I.; Bowen, R.L.; Kirby, R.; Tsuji, G.Y.; Yost, R.S.
2000Chapter 2: Sampling and Analysis of Soils and Plant Tissues: How to take representative samples, how the samples are testedHue, N.V.; Uchida, R.; Ho, M.C.
2003Corn Production in the Tropics: the Hawaii ExperienceBrewbaker, James L.
Mar-2008Growing Coffee in HawaiiSmith, Virgina Easton; Bittenbender, H.C.
1999Growing Dendrobium Orchids in Hawaii: Production and Pest Management GuideLeonhardt, Ken; Sewake, Kelvin
Jan-2004Hawaiian Breadfruit: Ethnobotany, Nutrition, and Human EcologyMeilleur, Brien A.; Jones, Richard R.; Titchenal, C Alan; Huang, Alvin S.
2007Loko I‘aGraydon, Keala; Hollyer, James R.; Castro, Luisa
2002Macadamia Integrated Pest Management: IPM of Insects and Mites Attacking Macadamia Nuts in HawaiiJones, Vincent P.
2007Twelve Fruits with Potential Value-Added and Culinary UsesLove, Ken; Bowen, Richard; Fleming, Kent