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Title: 女性雑誌のことば (Language in Japanese Women's Magazines) 
Author: Reynolds, Katsue A.
Date: 1989
Publisher: Kakiuchi Shuppan, Tokyo
Citation: Josei Zasshi no Kotoba [ Language in women's Magazines], in Teruko Inoue (ed.), Josei Zasshi o Kaidoku-suru [Decoding Women's Magazines], Tokyo: Kakiuchi Shuppan, pp. 1989. 209-227.
Description: Chapter 8 of the book emerged from the research report.
Sponsorship: Toyota Foundation Research Grant for a group project on "Comparative Study of Women's Magazines in USA, Mexico and Japan" (Principal researcher: Teruko Inoue, Professor at Wako University in Japan), 1987-1988.
Pages/Duration: 19 pages
Keywords: women's language, femininity and masculinity, text-counting method, fashion pages, readers' pages

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