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  • Hamasaki, Randall T; Valenzuela, Hector R; Shimabuku, Robin S (University of Hawaii, 1999)
    This publication examines all aspects of bulb onion production in Hawaii including; soil management, culture practices, pest management, harvest and postharvest practices and market information.
  • Trujillo, E E (University of Hawaii, 1964-12)
    The purpose of this circular is to describe the common diseases of ginger and to discuss their possible controls.
  • Schreiner, I; Nafus, D (University of Hawaii, 1993-01)
    The effects of fertilization, late weeding, and sucker removal on taro pest populations and yield were compared at two sites with different soils. The first experiment was in an area with shall calcareous soil. Fertilizer ...
  • Hamasaki, Randall T; Shimabuku, Robin; Nakamoto, Stuart T (University of Hawaii, 2008-01)
    Pests in Hawaii that damage tea by chewing leaves or sucking plant sap are described and illustrated.
  • Hara, Arnold; Tsuda, Dick; Tavares, James; Yogi, Julie; Hensley, David (University of Hawaii, 2001-04)
    Aceria hibisci causes unsightly galls and leaf distortion on hibiscus. Predatory mites are known as effective biocontrol agents. Advice on cultural and chemical controls is given.
  • Wright, Mark G (University of Hawaii, 2003-06)
    A poster for identification of tropical nut borer, southern green stinkbug, koa seedworm, litchi fruit moth, and their damage.
  • Fullaway, David T (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1911)
  • Fullaway, David T (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1912-07-11)
    This bulletin discusses the following insects attacking corn: wireworms, cutworms, army worms, plant lice, leaf lhoppers, defoliating caterpillars, earworms, and grain feeders.
  • Jones, Vincent P (University of Hawaii, 2002)
    This publication provides an introduction to macadamia pest management and provides information on insect pests of the macadamia in Hawaii.
  • Nagao, Mike A; Leite, Heather MC; Hara, Arnold H; Niino-DuPonte, Ruth Y (University of Hawaii, 2004-01)
    Garcinia mangostana and species of latex-bearing plants in the Guttiferae found in Hawaii are attacked by this insect.
  • Jones, Winston W; Storey, W B; Parris, G K; Holdaway, F G (University of Hawaii, 1941-06)
  • Trujillo, Eduardo E; Ferreira, Stephen; Schmitt, Donald P; Mitchell, Wallace C (University of Hawaii, 1995-01)
    The purpose of this publication is to provide information about serious diseases and pests of coffee not present in the Hawaiian Islands that can be accidentally introduced on or in coffee berries brought in for seed ...
  • Sherman, Martin; Tamashiro, Minoru (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1954-06)
    This is a thorough description of the taxonomy and life cycle of weevil pests of sweetpotato. Natural and cultural controls are discussed, and laboratory experiments with pesticides are reported.

Now showing items 1-13 of 13


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