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  • Leung, PingSun; Sharma, Khem R.; Nakamoto, Stuart T. (University of Hawaii, 2000-02)
    In this publication, we examine four methods of estimating agriculture’s economic activity. First, the most common measure used historically in Hawaii has been the farmgate value of production agriculture. To avoid the ...
  • Leung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew K. (University of Hawaii, 2002-02)
    This publication updates and refines a previous study on the same subject. As in the previous analysis, three measures of contribution by an industry are used—industry sales, value added (industry’s gross state product), ...
  • Leung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew K. (University of Hawaii, 2008-01)
    This sequel to two previous CTAHR publications provides an update to the estimates of agriculture’s contribution to Hawai‘i’s economy.
  • Cai, Junning; Leung, PingSun (University of Hawaii, 2004-04)
    The purpose of this publication is to assess the economic repercussions of a complete shutdown of Hawaii’s sugarcane cultivation and processing industry. The sugar industry has gone through another dramatic transformation ...
  • Yanagida, John F.; Friday, James B.; Illukpitiya, Prabodh; Mamiit, Rusyan J.; Edwards, Quincy (University of Hawaii, 2004-12)
    A set of surveys was conducted to estimate the economic value of the Hawai‘i forest industry’s revenue and employment for 2001. The term forest industry comprises all activities involving locally grown wood including forest ...
  • Yokoyama, Kevin M.; Wanitprapha, Kulavit; Leung, PingSun; Nakamoto, Stuart T. (University of Hawaii, 1990-05)
    Aspects of import replacement by an expanded diversified agriculture sector in Hawaii were discussed in consideration of limited resources and strong overseas competition.
  • Nakamoto, Stuart T.; Wanitprapha, Kulavit; Leung, PingSun (University of Hawaii, 1993-07)
    This publication follows an earlier study (Economic Fact Sheet 7), which was based on 1988 data, and updates it using 1991 data.
  • Cai, Junning; Leung, PingSun (University of Hawaii, 2002-08)
    The present publication focuses on the significance of agriculture’s relations to the rest of the economy. In particular, we measure both the backward and forward linkages of agriculture to other sectors in Hawaii’s economy. ...
  • Leung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew K. (University of Hawaii, 2002-02)
    When we describe the contribution of agriculture to Hawaii’s economy, we can portray it in several ways. The actual estimates may vary depending on what is defined as “agriculture” and on the methodology applied to develop ...
  • Cox, Linda J. (University of Hawaii, 2003-01)
    While tourism replaced plantation agriculture as a mainstay of Hawaii’s economy, landscape services became increasingly more important relative to agricultural production activities. The evidence presented here confirms ...

Now showing items 1-10 of 10


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