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  • Uchida, Janice (University of Hawaii, 1995-03)
    This paper identifies common bacterial disease symptoms on Dendrobium; discusses methods by which pathogenic bacteria feed and survive; and addresses disease control methods.
  • Sewake, Kelvin T.; Kawabata, Andrew F.; Nishijima, Wayne T.; Higaki, Tadashi (University of Hawaii, 1990-06)
    Recommendations for practices to control anthurium blight included propagation with tissue culture, daily renewal of disinfestation solution, caution in applying fertilizer, nematode control, midday irrigation, drainage ...
  • Harrington, Michael T. (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1995-12)
    A survey course which covers the pests and diseases of crop plants with specific reference to Pacific Island conditions. The fields of Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science are each presented within the context ...
  • Sewake, Kelvin T.; Uchida, Janice Y. (University of Hawaii, 1995-04)
    This publication is designed as a guide for quick identification of heliconia diseases found in Hawaii for heliconia farmers and other agricultural professionals.
  • Uchida, J.Y.; Aragaki, M. (University of Hawaii, 1991-11)
    Propagation and production of dendrobium as cut flowers and potted plants have increased markedly in the past 15 years. With increased production, floral diseases and their control have become major factors in determining ...
  • Nelson, Scot C. (University of Hawaii, 2008-08)
    This fungal pathogen causes devastation of many crops worldwide. In Hawaii it can be severe in locations that experience cool, rainy, and humid conditions; locations or seasons where these prevail should be avoided for ...
  • Nelson, Scot; Brewbaker, James; Hu, John (University of Hawaii, 2011-12)
    This publication describe maize chlorotic mottle, the pathogen, vectors and virus transmission, and the disease epidemiology and symptoms. It suggests integrated practices for successful management of maize cholorotic ...
  • Nishijima, Wayne (University of Hawaii, 1993-04)
    The principal diseases of mango fruit, flowers, leaves, stems, and roots were listed; anthracnose and powdery mildew were discussed in detail.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2008-10)
    This is perhaps the most important of the various fungal diseases affecting papaya in Hawaii. Symptoms are illustrated and control options discussed; fungicides are listed.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2005-09)
    This non-native rust fungus affects several native Hawaiian species of Abutilon.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2012-06)
    This study discusses symptoms and signs of rust of tree heliotrope, the pathogenic fungus that causes it, and suggestions for integrated practices for managing the disease.
  • White, Ferol; Motomura, Sharon; Miyasaka, Susan; Kratky, B. A. (University of Hawaii, 2013-04)
    This guide outlines how to grow disease-free ginger in 7-gallon pots.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2005-09)
    Stem wounding in a moist environment causes a conspicuous black stain seeping down from the wound.
  • Harrington, Michael T. (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1996-11)
    This manual contains notes from workshops on swine health programs, vaccination and parasite control, swine nutrition, reproductive health, and baby pig management.
  • Melzer, Michael J.; Tripathi, Savarni; Matsumoto, Tracie; Keith, Lisa; Sugano, Jari; Borth, Wayne B.; Wieczorek, Ania; Gonsalves, Dennis; Hu, John S. (University of Hawaii, 2012-04)
    This article describes the symptoms and spread of tomato spotted wilt, management techniques, and the future of biotechnology in the fight against tomato spotted wilt.

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