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  • Nakamoto, Stuart T.; Halloran, John M. (University of Hawaii, 1989-07)
    This publication looks some of the problems with markets and marketing of Kona coffee and provides some recommendations for improvement.
  • Cai, Junning; Leung, PingSun (University of Hawaii, 2006-04)
    The present publication examines the growth and stability of agricultural production in Hawaii over the past four decades. This examination provides information about individual agricultural industries’ growth and stability ...
  • Halloran, John M.; Nakamoto, Stuart T. (University of Hawaii, 1989-05)
    Results of a consumer preference survey indicate the most important factor in the purchase of Hawaii-grown bananas is taste; for imported Central American bananas, the most important factor is price. Problems are consumers' ...
  • Radovich, Theodore J.; Cox, Linda J.; Hollyer, James R. (University of Hawaii, 2009-11)
    This publication presents results of a needs assessment (also called an industry analysis) conducted in mid-2007 for the organic food crop producers in Hawaii. Seventy-six people participated, completing a survey (instrument ...
  • Chia, C.L.; Evans, D.O. (Hawaii Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii, 1994)
    Conference papers include: Update on the papaya ringspot virus situation in Puna; Regulations governing papaya ringspot virus control; Papaya ringspot virus cross protection - an update; Update on genetically engineered ...
  • Cooperative Extension Service, University of Hawaii (University of Hawaii, 1967-03)
    Between 1948 and 1963, taro acreage in Hawaii was reduced by more than half, to less than 500 acres. This first conference on taro was convened in hope of reviving the taro industry, not only to reduce the cost of poi but ...
  • Hollyer, J.R.; de la Pena, R.S.; Rohrbach, K.G.; LeBeck, L.M. (University of Hawaii, 1990-08)
    The analysis examined the state of the Hawaii taro industry, including its history, the current market in Hawaii and in North America, and its current status and potential. Action plans addressed industry bottlenecks, ...

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