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  • Murdoch, Charles; Deputy, James; Hensley, David; Tavares, James (University of Hawaii, 1998-10)
    The major turfgrasses used in Hawaii are described in terms of their tolerances to shade, salt, weeds, and drought, and they are compared in their density, establishment rate, mowing factors, and other requirements.
  • Tavares, James; Hensley, David; Deputy, Jay; Tsuda, Dick; Hara, Arnold (University of Hawaii, 1998-11)
    Disclisioprocta stellata larvae feed primarily at night, creating unsightly damage but not killing the plant. Spraying Bt- or neem-based insecticides late in the evening is recommended; synthetic insecticides labeled for ...
  • Hara, Arnold; Tsuda, Dick; Tavares, James; Yogi, Julie; Hensley, David (University of Hawaii, 2001-04)
    Aceria hibisci causes unsightly galls and leaf distortion on hibiscus. Predatory mites are known as effective biocontrol agents. Advice on cultural and chemical controls is given.
  • DeFrank, Joseph; Tavares, James (University of Hawaii, 1997-06)
    Herbicides had varying degrees of toxicity on the sod crop, but efficacy against weeds was not determined, as none were present.
  • Bezona, Norman; Hensley, David; Yogi, Julie; Tavares, James; Rauch, Fred; Iwata, Ruth; Kellison, Melissa; Wong, Melvin; Clifford, Patti (University of Hawaii, 2009-01)
    The salt tolerance of numerous groundcovers, palms, shrubs, trees, vines, and turf species are listed for two zones, where species that are highly or moderately salt tolerant can be used. The weed risk assessment status ...
  • Hensley, David; Deputy, James; Tavares, James (University of Hawaii, 1999-05)
    Optimizing soil pH and nutrient levels are the primary objectives of soil management for turf areas. The various inorganic and organic nitrogen sources are described.

Now showing items 1-6 of 6


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