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  • Hine, R B; Holtzmann, O V; Raabe, R D (University of Hawaii, 1965-07)
    The bulletin discusses the various diseases afflicting papaya in Hawaii.
  • Wall, George C (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2000-02)
    This leaflet describes the symptoms, vectors, and control of the disease caused by Papaya ringspot virus.
  • Ferreira, Stephen A; Mau, Ronald FL; Pitz, Karen Y; Manshardt, Richard M; Gonsalves, Dennis (University of Hawaii, 1994-05)
    The approach of inoculating papaya seedlings with a mild or attenuated strain of the papaya ringspot virus for achieving PRV resistance is described.
  • Nishina, M S; Nishijima, W T; Zee, F; Chia, C L; Mau, R F L; Evans, D O (University of Hawaii, 1989-12)
    Short publication describing symptoms and control of papaya ringspot disease.
  • Chia, C L; Evans, D O (Hawaii Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii, 1994)
    Conference papers include: Update on the papaya ringspot virus situation in Puna; Regulations governing papaya ringspot virus control; Papaya ringspot virus cross protection - an update; Update on genetically engineered ...
  • Isherwood, Myron O Jr. (University of Hawaii, 1994-05)
    Regulations enabling enforcement of efforts to control papaya ringspot virus are described, and relevant pages from Hawaii Revised Statutes section 4-64A are reproduced.
  • Manshardt, Richard M (University of Hawaii, 1999-07)
    A transformed papaya cultivar combining the superior quality of Hawai‘i’s “solo” papayas with resistance to papaya ringspot virus is briefly described, and questions about genetic engineering are addressed.
  • Manshardt, Richard M (University of Hawaii, 1994-05)
    Initial efforts to genetically engineer resistance to papaya ringspot virus are described, and the regulatory environment is briefly reviewed.
  • Kobayashi, Wayne (University of Hawaii, 1994-05)
    Spread of papaya ringspot virus to the island of Hawaii occurred a year prior to this conference. The paper reviews the chronology of grower and agency efforts and describes the recommended rogueing strategy to minimize ...

Now showing items 1-9 of 9


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