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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2007Comparative Advantage of Selected Agricultural Products in Hawaii: A Revealed Comparative Advantage AssessmentCai, Junning; Leung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew
May-2010Competitiveness of Hawaii's Agricultural Products in JapanParcon, Hazel; Yu, Run; Loke, Matthew; Leung, PingSun
Jun-2010Costs of Transporting Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Honolulu from Hilo and Los AngelesParcon, Hazel; Loke, Matthew; Leung, PingSun
Apr-2007Do Hawai‘i Producers Pay Higher Freight Costs for Agricultural Shipments to the U.S. Mainland Market Than Their Foreign Competitors?Cai, Junning; Leung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew
Dec-2008Economic Impacts of Improving Hawaii's Food Self-sufficiencyLeung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew
Mar-2012An Overview of Seafood Consumption and Supply Sources: Hawaii versus U.S.Loke, Matthew; Geslani, Cheryl; Takenaka, Brooks; Leung, PingSun