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  • Evans, Dale O; Joy, Robert J; Chia, C L (University of Hawaii, 1988-08)
    The most appropriate cover crop species and practices differ depending on the orchard site, type of tree crop, and stage of orchard development. Success with cover crops depends on proper selection of plant species and on ...
  • Joy, Robert J; Evans, Dale O (University of Hawaii, 2008-09)
    Obtaining seeds of cover crops, green manure crops, and improved forage species is discussed, some sources in Hawaii are identified, and consideration is given to weed risk assessment regarding use of the various plants ...
  • Joy, Robert J; Rotar, Peter P (University of Hawaii, 1999-09)
    This turfgrass is a naturally occuring hybrid that was one of the first "improved" bermudagrass types for high-quality home and commercial lawns. Its establishment and maintenance are described.
  • Joy, Robert J; Rotar, Peter P (University of Hawaii, 1984-07)
    'Tropic Lalo', originally from Brazil, was introduced to Hawaii in 1968. It is a low-growing, rapidly spreading, stoloniferous grass that usually grows to a height of about 12 inches. 'Tropic Lalo' is intended primarily ...
  • Rotar, Peter P; Joy, Robert J (University of Hawaii, 1983-11)
    A promising fast-growing leguminous cover and green manure crop was increased from seed obtained from a farmer on Kauai. Yields in experimental situations were reported, and guidelines for its use as a green manure and for ...
  • Rotar, Peter P; Joy, Robert J (University of Hawaii, 1983-11)
    A selection of this fast growing legume was developed from seed of obscure provenance, named 'Tropic Sun', and released to Hawaii growers. Its characteristics, establishment, management, and uses are described.

Now showing items 1-6 of 6


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