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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1911Insects Attacking the Sweet Potato in HawaiiFullaway, David T.
Oct-2008Java Black Rot of Okinawan SweetpotatoNelson, Scot
Feb-2009Rhizopus Soft Rot of SweetpotatoNelson, Scot
Jul-1982Sweet PotatoBisone, Laura E.; Maretzki, Audrey N.
Oct-1923The Sweet Potato in HawaiiChung, H.L.
2010Sweet Potato in the CNMINandwani, Dilip; Tudela, Anthony
Aug-2000Sweet Potato Scab (Elsinoe batatas [Sawada] Viegas & Jenkins)Quebral, Florendo
Mar-1994Sweetpotato Production Guides for Hawai'iValenzuela, Hector; Fukuda, Steven; Arakaki, Alton
Jun-1954The Sweetpotato Weevils in Hawaii: Their Biology and ControlSherman, Martin; Tamashiro, Minoru