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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2001Value of Hawaii Hotel and Resort Open AreaVieth, Gary R.; Cox, Linda J.; Eastwood, Frank
Feb-2005Value-Added Strategies: Taking Agricultural Products to the Next LevelFleming, Kent
Oct-1961Vanadium Content of Hawaiian Island SoilsNakamura, Martha T.; Sherman, G. Donald
Jan-1997Vegetable SoybeanTakeda, Kenneth Y.; Sakuoka, Richard T.
1942Vegetation Zones of HawaiiRipperton, J.C.; Hosaka, E.Y.
Jun-1997Vegetative Propagation of AlaheeGinoza, Harold; Rauch, Fred D.
Jun-1997Vegetative Propagation of Yellow Ohia LehuaRauch, Fred D.; Niino, Kelly; McEwen, Jan
1980Verification of simulated water use by sugarcaneAlcantara, Antonio J.
Jan-2005Visual Symptoms of Plant Nutrient Deficiencies in Nursery and Landscape PlantsWong, Melvin
Sep-1947Vitamin Values of Foods in HawaiiMiller, Carey D.; Louis, Lucille; Yanazawa, Kisako
Aug-2008Volcanic Emissions Injury to Plant FoliageNelson, Scot; Sewake, Kelvin
Sep-2005Volume 1, Issue 1: CTAHR Research News-
Oct-2005Volume 1, Issue 2: CTAHR Research News-
Nov-2005Volume 1, Issue 3: CTAHR Research News-
Dec-2005Volume 1, Issue 4: CTAHR Research News-
Jan-2006Volume 2, Issue 01: CTAHR Research News-
Feb-2006Volume 2, Issue 02: CTAHR Research News-
Mar-2006Volume 2, Issue 03: CTAHR Research News-
Apr-2006Volume 2, Issue 04: CTAHR Research News-
May-2006Volume 2, Issue 05: CTAHR Research News-