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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1999UH Rainbow' Papaya--A High-quality Hybrid with Genetically Engineered Disease ResistanceManshardt, Richard M.
May-1998UH Sweet Basil'; A New Basil Cultivar Tolerant of Fusarium WiltHamasaki, Randall T.
Oct-1998Understanding and Dealing with Financial RiskWall, Ron
Oct-2002Understanding EntrepreneurshipCox, Linda J.
Feb-2000Understanding Financial BehaviorWall, Ron
Apr-1998Understanding Retirement AnnuitiesWall, Ron
Apr-1998Understanding Your Pension OptionsWall, Ron
May-2007Unlikely Guardians of Cropping Cystems: Can Birds and Spiders Protect Broccoli from Caterpillar Pests?Hooks, Cerruti R2; Pandey, Raju R.; Johnson, Marshall W.
May-1994Update on Genetically Engineered PRV ResistanceManshardt, Richard M.
Jan-2003An Update on the Economic Role of Hawaii’s Landscape ServicesCox, Linda J.
May-1994Update on the Papaya Ringspot Virus Situation in PunaKobayashi, Wayne
Oct-1998Upland Tarode la Pena, Ramon S.
May-2003Use of Biotechnology in Agriculture -- Benefits and RisksWieczorek, Ania
Jun-1980Use of Chemical Amendments to Improve Chemical Properties of SoilMcCall, Wade W.
May-2009Use of Filter Strips for Improved Surface Water QualityFares, A.; Deb, S.K.; Ryder, M.H.
Jan-2008Use of Living and Dying Mulches as Barriers to Protect Zucchini from Insect-caused Viruses and PhytotoxemiasHooks, Cerruti R2; Wright, Mark G.
Apr-1993Use of Potassium Nitrate on Mango FloweringNagao, Mike A.; Nishina, Melvin S.
Apr-2007The Use of Proper Semen Handling During an Artificial Insemination ProgramDuPonte, Michael W.
Jan-2005Use of Soil Amendments in Landscape PlantingsWong, Melvin
Jun-1980Use of Soil Amendments to Improve Physical Properties of SoilMcCall, Wade W.