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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1997HalaHensley, David; Stibbe, Rhonda; Rauch, Fred
May-1994Hamakua Coast--Agriculture in TransitionJones, Bart
Dec-1993Handbook for Commercial-Scale Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Tissue Culture in Hawaii; With Notes on Sample Preparation for Disease TestingKeolanui, Rachael; Sanxter, Suzanne; Hollyer, James R.
Dec-2003Hapu‘u (Hawaiian Tree Fern)Hensley, David; Stibbe, Rhonda; Bezona, Norman; Rauch, Fred
Jul-2008Hawai'i Avocado Industry Analysis; Part 2: Buyer Preferences FocusBarber, Silvia G.; Chan-Halbrendt, Catherine; Krishnakumar, Jyotsna; Radovich, Theodore J.; Love, Ken
2007Hawaii Area-Wide Fruit Fly Integrated Pest Management Program: A Model SystemAgricultural Research Service; University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension; Hawaii Department of Agriculture
Sep-2003The Hawaii Beef Industry: Situation and Outlook UpdateCox, Linda J.; Bredhoff, Soot
Jun-1959Hawaii Food Processors Handbook of Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, and FishChang, Annie Tom; Sherman, G Donald; Lynch, L.J.; Lum, Joana C.N.; Seale, P.E.
Apr-1993Hawaii Grading Standards for MangosCamp, Samuel; Palalay, Isabelo
Dec-1991The Hawaii Tropical Cut Flower Industry Conference: Growing into the 90'sLeonhardt, Ken W.; Evans, Dale O.; Halloran, John M.
Feb-2002Hawaii Visitor Preference for Landscape to Screen BuildingsFoy, Jeanmarie; Cox, Linda J.; Vieth, Gary R.
Dec-1987Hawaii Watercress ProductionMcHugh, John J Jr.; Fukuda, Steven K.; Takeda, Kenneth Y.
Dec-2012Hawaii's Federally Subsidized Public School Lunch Program and the Hawaii Department of Education's Food Safety Requirements for ItHollyer, James R.; Owens, Glenna K.; Kishida, Dexter K.
Feb-1999Hawaii's Termites: An Identification GuideWoodrow, R.J.; Grace, J.K.; Yates, J.R. III
Jan-2004Hawaiian Breadfruit: Ethnobotany, Nutrition, and Human EcologyMeilleur, Brien A.; Jones, Richard R.; Titchenal, C Alan; Huang, Alvin S.
Dec-2008Hawaiian Ecosystems and Culture; Why Growing Plants for Lei Helps to Preserve Hawaii's Natural and Cultural HeritageAnderson-Fung, Puanani O.; Maly, Kepa
Mar-1994Hawaiian Food Choices for Healthful Living Based on Food Group ListsShovic, Anne Caprio
Jun-1908Hawaiian HoneysVan Dine, D.L.; Thompson, Alice R.
Feb-2007Hawaiian Kalo, Past and FutureCho, John J.; Yamakawa, Roy A.; Hollyer, James
Jan-2009Hawaiian Mistletoes (Korthalsella Species)Nelson, Scot; Friday, J.B.