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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2001Gambling a Bad Investment for Hawaii's FamiliesWall, Ron
Feb-1948Garbage as a Feed for SwineWillett, E.L.; Henke, L.A.; Work, S.H.; Maruyama, C.; Ross, Winifred
Oct-2006General Elements and Principles of Landscape DesignWong, Melvin
Jan-1993 Genetic Resistance to Alomae-Bobone Virus Complex, the Lethal Disease of Taro (Colocasia Esculenta (L.) Schott)Ivancic, Anton; Liloqula, Ruth; Levela, Helen; Saelea, Jimi; Wagatora, Daniel
Mar-2007Germinating Tea Seeds (Camellia sinensis)Sato, Dwight
Oct-1944Germination of Hawaiian Range Grass seedsAkamine, Ernest K.
Feb-2005Getting Ahead FinanciallyWall, Ron
Jun-1992Ginger Root Production in HawaiiNishina, M.S.; Sato, D.M.; Nishijima, W.T.; Mau, R.F.L.
Oct-1953Girdling as a Means of Promoting Flower-Bud Initiation in LitchiNakata, Shigeru
Nov-2008Glyphosate Injury to Coffee PlantsNelson, Scot
Jan-2009Good Food Safety Practices: Managing Risks to Reduce or Avoid Legal LiabilityConnally, Elizabeth Haws
Apr-1998A Good Time to Review Your FinancesWall, Ron
Apr-1993Government Assistance in Marketing and Promoting Hawaii's Agricultural ProductsLeister, Janet
Jun-1951Grafting and Topworking the MacadamiaFukunaga, Edward T.
Sep-1950Grafting the Mango in HawaiiBembower, William; Yee, Warren
20-Feb-1915Grasses and Forage Plants of HawaiiMcClelland, C.K.
May-1939Grasses of the Hawaiian RangesWhitney, L.D.; Hosaka, E.Y.; Ripperton, J.C.
Apr-1998Great Places to Stash Your CashWall, Ron
1981Green Manuring—Renewed Interest in an Old ConceptYost, R.S.; Evans, D.O.; Saidy, N.A.; Fox, R.L.
Jan-2009Green Plants for Hawai'i's Tropical LandscapesWong, Melvin