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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Caffeine and Your Health: Controversy and Misconceptions ContinueSaulo, Aurora A.
Jun-2007Calculating Minimum Grazing Lease Rates for Hawai'iThorne, Mark; Cox, Linda J.; Stevenson, M.H.
Jul-1999Calculating the Amount of Fertilizer Needed for Your LawnMurakami, Paul; Oshiro, Kim; Hensley, David
Feb-2005Calculating the Cost of Production for a Cow-Calf OperationCox, Linda J.; Edwards, Quincy A.; Thorne, Mark; Fukumoto, Glen
Jun-2004Calibrating Your SprayerArakaki, Alton; Nagamine, Charles
Jun-1989Calonectria Leaf Spot of Forster Sentry PalmUchida, J.Y.; Aragaki, M.; Iwata, R.Y.
Jun-1961Capital in Hawaiian Sugar: Its Formation and Relation to Labor and Output, 1870-1957Mollett, J.A.
Aug-1953Carbohydrate Balance as a Major Factor Affecting Yield of the Coffee TreeCooil, Bruce J.; Nakayama, Martha
1959Carbon-nitrogen ratios in some Hawaiian soilsBlomberg, Norman Eugene; Holmes, W.E.
Mar-2007Carcass Characteristics of Forage-Finished Cattle Produced in Hawai'iFukumoto, Glen K.; Kim, Yong S.
Aug-1987Care for your Garden - Use Green Manure and Cover CropsMcCall, Wade W.
Aug-1987Care for Your Garden - Use Plants Suitable for Windbreaks, Green Manure, and Cover CropsMcCall, Wade W.
Nov-1986Care for your Garden - Use WindbreaksMcCall, Wade W.
Jun-1986Care for your Garden - Water ProperlyMcCall, Wade W.
Nov-1982Care for Your Home Garden - FertilizeMcCall, Wade W.
Jan-2009Care of Potted PoinsettiasGrzebik, Jayme; Mersino, Edwin
Aug-2002Carpetgrass (Cover Crops)Smith, Jody; Valenzuela, Hector
Jan-1997CarrotsTanaka, Jack S.; Nakagawa, Yukio; Sakuoka, Richard
Jul-2008Cassytha filiformisNelson, Scot C.
Feb-1987A Catalog of Acari of the Hawaiian IslandsGoff, M Lee