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  • Langdale, Elizabeth H. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1927)
  • Henke, L.A. (Louis Albert), 1889-1985 (University of Hawaii, 1929)
  • Chung, H.L. (University of Hawaii, 1929-09)
    All aspects of maintaining a home flock of chickens are covered in this publication.
  • Lloyd, William A. (University of Hawaii, 1929-10)
    This bulletin was the first annual report of the Agricultural Extension Service at the University of Hawaii. The author placed the "beginning of agricultural extension in the Hawaiian islands with Captain Cook," and ...
  • Pope, W.T. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1929-10)
    This bulletin updates HAES Bulletin 12 (1906) by J.E. Higgins to meet the increasing demand for information on this popular fruit in Hawaii.
  • Chung, H.L.; Ripperton, J.C. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1929-12)
    This bulletin describes and illustrates with photographs dozens of plants with edible leaves, fruits, pods, stems, or roots, terrestrial and aquatic. The Japanese and Chinese names are given both in roman letters and ...
  • Zschokke, Theodore C. (University of Hawaii, 1930-01)
    Planting trees in a variety of ecological sites for the purpose of guarding soil fertility by preventing erosion was recommended, and techniques for accomplishing such plantings were detailed. Notes on 55 candidate trees ...
  • Zschokke, Theodore C. (University of Hawaii, 1931-06)
    This bulletin covers prevention and methods of control of erosion in agricultural lands in Hawaii.
  • Krauss, F.G. (University of Hawaii, 1931-09)
    Hawaii's average potato yields are better than those of the continental United States but not equal to those of Europe. That they can be made not only equal but better is the thesis of this bulletin.
  • Krauss, F.G. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1932-03)
    The author championed this fast-growing leguminous shrub as a food, fodder, and soil improvement crop.
  • Krauss, F.G. (University of Hawaii, 1932-06)
    The bulletin provided extensive information on establishing and running a commercial truck farm in Hawaii, from acquiring seeds to establishing, maintaining, and protecting the crop, to preparing produce for market. Detailed ...
  • Ripperton, J.C.; Goff, R.A.; Edwards, D.W.; Davis, W.C. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1933-06)
    This bulletin discusses the more important grasses growing on local ranges, their growth in other parts of the world, nature of growth, palatability, persistence, climatic requirements, and present importance and possibilities ...
  • Allen, O.N.; Allen, Ethel K. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1933-11)
    The bulletin reviews the history and present conditions of taro culture and poi making in Hawaii and discusses the preparation of poi from the bacteriological standpoint.
  • Pope, W.T. (University of Hawaii, 1934-05)
    Citrus fruits had been under investigation at the Experiment Station since 1904, and 40 different species and varieties were represented in the experimental orchard. This bulletin contains descriptions of these materials ...
  • Pope, W.T. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1935-09)
    This bulletin provides comprehensive information on passion fruit, so that the plant, previously grown mostly in home gardens, might be adopted for commercial cultivation. Six species/types are described.
  • Beaumont, J.H.; Moltzau Ralph Hans Egede, 1909- (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1937)
  • Magistad, O.C.; Frazier, T.O. (University of Hawaii, 1938-04)
    This bulletin reports on studies of truck crop production and marketing of locally grown vegetables.
  • Gantt, Paul A. (University of Hawaii, 1938-05)
    The bulletin covered swine housing, breeding, herd and animal care and management, feeds and feed analysis, suggested rations, and diseases and parasites.
  • Tower, B.A. (University of Hawaii, 1938-06)
    The bulletin covered breed selection, housing, incubation and brooding, feeds, chick problems, adult poultry troubles and parasites, and raising capons.
  • Whitney, Leo D.; Bowers, F.A.I.; Takahashi, M. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1939)
    Taro, one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world, has long been a staple food of the natives of all the Polynesian islands as well as in the West Indies and the Orient. Since taro is propagated almost exclusively by ...
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