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  • Hensley, David (University of Hawaii, 1998-01)
    This turfgrass is favored for low-use areas, and is common in home lawns. Cultivars, establishment, and maintenance are described.
  • Henke, L. A. (Louis Albert), 1889-1985 (University of Hawaii, 1929)
  • Wang, Koon-Hui; Hooks, Cerruti RR (University of Hawaii, 2009-06)
    Spiral, burrowing, reniform, root-knot, and lesion nematodes are found on banana roots in Hawaii. Heavy infestations can cause significant yield reductions. Root-knot nematodes were found on all farms surveyed, but a ...
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 1998-04)
  • Liyanage, A de S; Misipati, Peni (University of Hawaii, 1993-01)
    A Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) survey was conducted in 30 farms in ten villages in different parts of Upolu Island of Western Samoa to ascertain the traditional sustainable methods of cultivation of taro (Colocasia ...
  • Vilsoni, F (University of Hawaii, 1993-01)
    Taro (Colocasia esculenta) is known to the Fijians by ten different names and is cultivated by people who lived in physically isolated communities for centuries. To the indigenous people, taro is important in their culture. ...
  • Vieth, Gary R; Cox, Linda J (University of Hawaii, 2001-07)
    Oahu's Hanauma Bay is what economists consider a scarce, open-access resource, vulnerable to overuse. A survey of park users about nonresident fees was conducted. The effects of fees on reducing park use are discussed.
  • Brewbaker, James L (University of Hawaii, 2008-08)
    Hawai‘i’s short days and plethora of diseases corn doesn’t encounter on the U.S. mainland limit productivity of hybrids developed for temperate conditions. “Supersweet” cultivars developed in Hawai‘i are preferred, and ...
  • Bisone, Laura E; Maretzki, Audrey N (University of Hawaii, 1982-07)
    Short publication providing information on nutritive value and recipes for sweet potato tubers and leaves.
  • Chung, H. L. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1923)
  • Chung, H L (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1923-10)
  • Valenzuela, Hector; Fukuda, Steven; Arakaki, Alton (University of Hawaii, 1994-03)
    This publication discusses cultivar selection, fertilizer recommendations, culture and management practices, pests, and harvest and post-harvest practices for sweetpotatoes in Hawaii.
  • Sherman, Martin; Tamashiro, Minoru (University of Hawaii, 1954-06)
    This is a thorough description of the taxonomy and life cycle of weevil pests of sweetpotato. Natural and cultural controls are discussed, and laboratory experiments with pesticides are reported.
  • Zaleski, HM; Willer, RD; Terway, ES (University of Hawaii, 2009-09)
    The publication recommends a basic herd health program for swine in Hawaii, including protocols for breeding herds, growing pigs, and nursing piglets, as well as dewormers, drugs for mange and lice, and disinfectant products.
  • Krauss, F G (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1923-05-31)
  • Cassman, Kenneth; Whitney, A Sheldon; Fox, Robert L (University of Hawaii, 1980)
    Soybean plants that depend upon symbiotic nitrogen fixation for their N have a higher P requirement than their counterparts supplied with fixed N from an external source.
  • Fox, Robert L; Warner, Robert M (University of Hawaii, 1971)
    Deficiencies of immobile nutrients (iron, manganese) caused by additions of phosphorus are shown in young macadamia leaves.
  • Fox, Robert L (University of Hawaii, 1971)
    The manner in which phosphorus inputs affect expression of zinc deficiency on corn growing in a soil (a Hydrandept) with high phosphorus immobilization ("fixation") capacity is illustrated with photographs.
  • Fox, Robert L; Silva, James A (University of Hawaii, 1978)
    Deficiences of silicon in a Si-deficient soil (a Gibbsihumox) causing a "leaf freckle" disorder are illustrated with photos of sugarcane leaves from plants grown with or without an application of calcium silicate slag. ...
  • Fox, Robert L (University of Hawaii, 1972)
    Corn was grown across a gradient created with increasing doses of urea fertilizer. Comparison of a photograph of the corn row with a plot of the yield of fresh husk sweet corn revealed that disappearance of visual N ...
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