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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1989PersimmonChia, C.L.; Hashimoto, Clark S.; Evans, Dale O.
Sep-2005Personal Safety During the HolidaysChong, Joan; Keala, D Kaulana; Yoshino, Rhoda; Young, Jean
Jun-2004Pest Management Strategies for AnthuriumsHara, Arnold H.; Tsang, Marcel M.C.; Jacobsen, Christopher M.; Yogi-Chun, Julie Ann; Hata, Trent Y.; Niino-DuPonte, Ruth Y.
Jan-2009Pest Management Systems to Control Rodents in and around Packing ShedsHollyer, James R.; Castro, Luisa F.; Louie, Albert; Nakamura-Tengan, Lynn; Troegner, Vanessa
Sep-2007Pesticides Currently Registered for Use in Taro in Hawai'i (2007)Anonymous
May-1994Pesticides for Use in PapayaKawate, Michael
Apr-1993Pesticides Registered for MangoKawate, Mike
Dec-2000Pet Waste ManagementRobotham, Michael; Evensen, Carl; Cox, Linda J.
Jun-1980The pH Preference of PlantsMcCall, Wade W.
Jul-2000Philippine Ladybeetle (Epilachna viginsexpunctata [Boisduval]) and Cucumber Ladybeetle (Epilachna cucurbitae Richards)Vargo, Agnes; Schreiner, Ilse
Jan-1990Phosphorus Fertilization for Dryland TaroSato, Dwight; Silva, James; Kuniyoshi, James
Oct-2006Phosphorus Fertilizer Management for Head CabbageDeenik, J.; Hamasaki, R.; Shimabuku, R.; Nakamoto, S.; Uchida, R.
Sep-2007Phosphorus Fertilizer Management for Romaine Lettuce Grown in Fertile Volcanic Ash Soils of Hawai'iDeenik, J.; Hamasaki, R.; Shimabuku, R.; Uchida, R.
1982The phosphorus requirements of cereal crops with emphasis on the tropicsMemon, Kazi Suleman
Oct-1998Physical Activity and Your FamilyDerrickson, Joda P.
1996Physiological responses of pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) to CO₂ enrichment, temperatures and water deficitZhu, Jun
1994Physiological responses of sugarcane to nitrogen and potassium availabilityRanjith, Subasinghe A.
Oct-2008Phytophthora Blight of PapayaNelson, Scot
Aug-1991Phytophthora Diseases of Orchids in HawaiiUchida, J.Y.; Aragaki, M.
Oct-1988Phytotoxicity of Insecticides and Acaricides to AnthuriumsHata, Trent Y.; Hara, Arnold H.