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  • DeFrank, Joseph (University of Hawaii, 1997-06)
    Four preemergence herbicides were tested for phytoxicity to mondo grass and efficacy against weeds during its slow establishment; results were inconclusive.
  • DeFrank, Joseph; Tavares, James (University of Hawaii, 1997-06)
    Herbicides had varying degrees of toxicity on the sod crop, but efficacy against weeds was not determined, as none were present.
  • DeFrank, Joseph (University of Hawaii, 1997-06)
    Three of seven herbicides tested appeared safe for use in stolon beds under the trial's conditions.
  • Cooil, Bruce J.; Watanabe, Yoshio; Fukunaga, Edward T. (Edward Tamotsu); Nakata, Shigeru (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1961)
  • Ferguson, Carol A; Chan-Halbrendt, Catherine; Wieczorek, Ania; Wen, Na (University of Hawaii, 2002-11)
    In September 2001, the QMark Research and Polling company conducted a telephone survey of Hawaii households for the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. The survey included questions about residents’ knowledge ...
  • Saulo, Aurora A (University of Hawaii, 2012-06)
    This article describes a case study of norovirus transmission through contact with reusable fabric grocery bags. The article provides tips to avoid norovirus transmission.
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 1998-04)
  • Stevenson, Matthew; Fukumoto, Glen (University of Hawaii, 2011-06)
    This report examines mobile and modular slaughter technology currently in use on the U.S. mainland as a potentially cost-effective alternative to brick-and-mortar facilities. The discussion is aided by the authors' firsthand ...
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2005-07)
    Good field sanitation, pruning to encourage ventilation, and use of copper fungicides or other registered products are advised to control this rot.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2009-02)
    Symptoms on Okinawan sweetpotato are shown, and integrated practices designed to minimize losses to farmers and marketers are recommended.
  • Valenzuela, Hector; Smith, Jody (University of Hawaii, 2002-08)
  • Kelley, W P (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1914-01-17)
  • Brennan, Barry M; Swift, Sabina F; Nagamine, Charles (University of Hawaii, 2007-10)
    This guide intended for use in training programs covers plant basics, vegetation management including types of herbicides and application methods, common weeds found in Hawaii, and woody plant and aquatic weed control; a ...
  • Wall, George C (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2000-08)
    This leaflet describes the symptoms caused by and control of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)
  • Hara, Arnold H; Niino-DuPonte, Ruth Y; Jacobsen, Christopher M (University of Hawaii, 2001-03)
    Three of the seven mealybugs present in Hawaii are of concern to the potted plant for export industry; control options are discussed.
  • Sedgwick, T F (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1902)
    This bulletin starts with a history of taro, its cultivation in Hawaii, and a general discussion of taro root rot. Experiments done in 1901 and 1902 investigated the role of fertilization and irrigation in disease incidence.
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 2004-01)
  • Robotham, Michael; Evensen, Carl; Cox, Linda J (University of Hawaii, 2000-12)
    Risks of movement of polluting chemicals and soil from household sites due to stormwater or irrigation water are described.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2005-09)
    This non-native rust fungus affects several native Hawaiian species of Abutilon.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2008-11)
    West Indian lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) is primarily grown as an ornamental and garden herb in Hawaii. This disease was first reported here in 1985; chemical control is limited to one registered product, the efficacy ...
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