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  • Aloalii, Ioane; Masamdu, Roy; Theunis, Wilfried; Thistleton, Brian (University of Hawaii, 1993-01)
    Adults of taro beetles, Papuana spp. (Coleoptera:Scarabaeidae), damage corms of taro (Colocasia esculenta) and other aroids and, less seriously, a range of other crops in five countries in the South Pacific (Papua New ...
  • Wang, Koon-Hui; Hooks, Cerruti R2; Ploeg, Antoon (University of Hawaii, 2007-07)
    Tagetes spp. suppression of nematodes and uses in cropping systems are described as alternatives to synthetic nematicides, which are expensive, increasingly unavailable, and have negative effects on other soil organisms.
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 1998-07)
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 1999-09)
  • Foy, Jeanmarie; Vieth, Gary R; Cox, Linda J (University of Hawaii, 2000-10)
    Analysis of the extent of undeveloped areas on the grounds of hotels and resorts in Waikiki and on Maui and Hawaii is reported. Cost considerations in enhancing these areas to appeal to the preferences of tourists for such ...
  • Meade, Ginny; Hensley, David L (University of Hawaii, 1998-08)
    Pruning objectives, equipment, and techniques are described for trees and shrubs.
  • Uchida, J Y; Nagata, N M (University of Hawaii, 1989-06)
    The cause of leaf spots with characteristic chlorosis and mosaic patterns on Raphis species was determined. The disease is illustrated and strict sanitation is recommended.
  • Hamilton, Richard A; Ito, Philip J (University of Hawaii, 1992-12)
    'Puma' is a high quality, productive citrus hybrid resulting from a cross between pummelo and grapefuit (C. grandis x C. paradisi L.). The cross was made and resulting hybrid seedlings grown by the Department of Horticulture, ...
  • Kuehnle, AR; Amore, TD; Kamemoto, H; Kunisaki, JT; Lichty, JS; Uchida, JY (University of Hawaii, 2005-02)
    Characteristics including annual flower yield of the cultivar releases are given.
  • Brosnan, JT; DeFrank, J (University of Hawaii, 2008-01)
    Purple nutsedge is distinguished from similar plants, and control options including registered herbicides are reviewed.
  • Uchida, Janice Y (University of Hawaii, 1990-01)
    Both Pythium splendens and Cylindrocladium spathiphylli were found on roots of spathyphyllum. Strict sanitation and other cultural control practices, in addition to fungicide applications, were recommended.
  • Chun, S; Niino-DuPonte, R; Hara, AH; Jacobsen, C (University of Hawaii, 2004-06)
    Thirty-five pests are illustrated in this poster, including ants, scales, mealybugs, hoppers, slugs, and others.
  • Ito, Philip J; Parvin, Philip E; Oka, David W (University of Hawaii, 1992-03)
    'Rachel' is a salmon-orange sunburst hybrid with reddish ribbons and yellow-orange styles. It was named after Rachel Goldberg of Davis, California, in recognition of the continuing support of protea research in Hawaii by ...
  • Robotham, Michael; Evensen, Carl; Cox, Linda J (University of Hawaii, 2000-12)
    Maintenance and pollution risks associated with good rainwater catchment system construction and management are briefly described.
  • Vogt, D W (University of Hawaii, 1981-09)
    The circular provided basic information on rabbit housing and equipment, care, feeds and feeding, breeding, record keeping, diseases, and slaughtering and dressing.
  • Ripperton, J C; Goff, R A; Edwards, D W; Davis, W C (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1933-06)
    This bulletin discusses the more important grasses growing on local ranges, their growth in other parts of the world, nature of growth, palatability, persistence, climatic requirements, and present importance and possibilities ...
  • Gentry, Trevor; Wall, Marisa; Nagao, Mike (University of Hawai'i, 2005-07)
    Macadamia nut processors routinely sample nuts received from a grower to determine the moisture content and quality of a lot. Commonly, the price paid to the grower is based on this quality evaluation. Growers can conduct ...
  • Hamilton, R A; Ito, P J (University of Hawaii, 1993-11)
    'Rapoza' is a large, high-quality mango cultivar (Magnifera indica L.) developed by the Department of Horticulture, University of Hawai'i at Manoa. It was named in honor of Herbert Rapoza, one of the dedicated individuals ...
  • Hamilton, RA; Ito, PJ (University of Hawaii, 1993-11)
    A new mango cultivar selection made in Hawaii is described.
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2012-06)
    This publication describes the three rat species established in Hawai‘i, along with their ecology and damage to natural agroecosystems. It includes suggestions for integrated management practices for their effective suppression.
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