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  • Kobayashi, Kent D.; McEwen, Janette; Kaufman, Andrew J. (University of Hawaii, 2007-08)
    Red ginger, Alpinia purpurata, is a tall, upright, herbaceous, evergreen plant from the South Pacific, with bright red floral bracts and inconspicuous white flowers. Red ginger is quite popular as an ornamental and cut ...
  • Wilcox, E.V.; Holt, V.S. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1913-12-01)
    This bulletin discusses hibiscus breeding and describes forms found in Hawaii. Includes 16 color plates of varieties of hibiscus.
  • Nakasone, Henry Y.; Rauch, Fred D. (University of Hawaii, 1980-05)
    Methods of propagating hibiscus described include rooted cuttings, grafting, topworking, air layering, and seed. Guidelines for growing out, pruning, and controlling pests and diseases are given.
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 2001-10)
  • Radovich, Theodore J.; Cox, Linda J.; Hollyer, James R. (University of Hawaii, 2009-11)
    This publication presents results of a needs assessment (also called an industry analysis) conducted in mid-2007 for the organic food crop producers in Hawaii. Seventy-six people participated, completing a survey (instrument ...
  • Loke, Matthew; Geslani, Cheryl; Takenaka, Brooks; Leung, PingSun (University of Hawaii, 2012-03)
    This study compares Hawai‘i and the U.S. mainland in terms of seafood consumption and import. It looks at total, per capita, species grouping, historical and global consumption.
  • Harrington, Michael T.; Meyer, Carmen (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1994-07)
    This cookbook has been compiled from recipes used in the Pacific islands, for the purpose of promoting the use of local foods. The importance and value of local foods can be addressed from many different perspectives. It ...
  • Harrington, Michael T. (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1995)
    A workbook designed for children in the Pacific region.
  • Shovic, Anne Caprio (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1997-02)
    Diet is an important part of the treatment of many diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The Palau Food Group Lists have been prepared to help you understand what food is made of so ...
  • Wong, Melvin (University of Hawaii, 2006-11)
    Palms for landscapes, street areas, interiors, "tropical" feeling, and food are listed; about 40 species are illustrated.
  • Nishina, Melvin; Zee, Francis; Ebesu, Richard; Arakaki, Alton; Hamasaki, Randall; Fukuda, Steven; Nagata, Norman; Chia, Chian Leng; Nishijima, Wayne; Mau, Ronald; Uchida, Raymond (University of Hawai'i, 2000-06)
    This publication covers all aspects of papaya production in Hawaii from site selection and preparation through harvesting. It includes brief information on weed control and diseases and insect pests. (Text in Ilocano.)
  • Sugano, Jari S.K.; Diaz-Lyke, Maria Derval C.; Hamasaki, Randall T.; Fukuda, Steven; Paull, Robert; Nakamoto, Stuart T. (University of Hawaii, 2013-04)
    This poster is a guide in Ilocano to proper handling and best harvest practices for papaya.
  • Smith, Jody; Valenzuela, Hector (University of Hawaii, 2002-08)
  • Fukumoto, Glen K.; Lee, Chin N. (University of Hawaii, 2003-04)
    Yield and proximate analysis data for pangolagrass cv. Mealani at three research stations (two on Hawaii and one on Oahu) are presented.
  • Sugano, Jari; Hamasaki, Randall; Villalobos, Ethel; Chou, Ming Yi; Wright, Mark; Fukuda, Steven; Swift, Sabina; Ferreira, Stephen; Tsuda, Dick; Diaz-Lyke, Maria Derval C.; Nakamoto, Stuart T. (University of Hawaii, 2013-04)
    This poster is a guide in Ilocano to the damage to papaya caused by Thrips parvispinus. It also includes recommendations for control.
  • Papaya 
    Low, Cindy; Maretzki, Audrey N. (University of Hawaii, 1982-07)
    Short publication providing information on nutritive value and recipes for papaya fruit.
  • Papaya 
    Chia, C.L.; Nishina, M.S.; Evans, D.O. (University of Hawaii, 1989-05)
    Short publication covering culture, management, and harvest of papaya in Hawaii.
  • Papaya 
    Chia, C.L.; Nishina, M.S.; Evans, D.O. (University of Hawaii, 1989-05)
    Comprehensive information on the papaya plant and its cultivation is given.
  • Quebral, Florendo (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2000-08)
    This leaflet briefly describes the symptoms and control of papaya foot rot.
  • Nishijima, Wayne T. (University of Hawaii, 1994-05)
    Concerns about pesticide residues resulting from spraying papayas with mancozeb for control of fungal diseases in the crop and postharvest let to research on alternatives, which was summarized in this paper.
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