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  • Fox, Robert L; Munns, Donald N (University of Hawaii, 1978)
    Few legumes grow well when manganese or aluminum dominate the suite of exchangeable cations, as they do in certain acidic soils of Hawaii. An Oxisol was given increasing amounts of agricultural lime such that a soil pH ...
  • Fox, R L; Saidy, N A; Yost, R S (University of Hawaii, 1981)
    Yield response of cowpea over a pH gradient established by applying incremental amounts of lime to an Oxisol is illustrated and discussed.
  • Cai, Junning; Leung, PingSun (University of Hawaii, 2002-08)
    The present publication focuses on the significance of agriculture’s relations to the rest of the economy. In particular, we measure both the backward and forward linkages of agriculture to other sectors in Hawaii’s economy. ...
  • Deputy, Jay (University of Hawaii, 1999-11)
    Uses, propagation, and maintenance of spreading and clumping types of liriope are detailed, along with advice on managing insect pests, plant diseases, and weeds.
  • Higgins, J E (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1917-07-27)
    The first Litchi chinensis plant was brought to Hawaii in about 1873. Experiment station researchers recognized the popularity of this fruit and also the lack of information on its proper cultivation. This publication is ...
  • DuPonte, Michael W (University of Hawaii, 1998)
    This publication has been developed to help livestock producers interpret feed analysis results, which can help them in planning rations.
  • Fukumoto, Glen K; Evensen, Carl I; Castro, Luisa F (University of Hawaii, 2008-02)
    This Livestock Producer’s Nutrient Management Planner provides you, the livestock producer, with help in developing an animal waste management plan for your farm. The plan will be unique to each individual farm due to ...
  • Davison, Nicky; Benavente, Janet C; Dusaban, Chona H (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1999-12)
    In our culture sharing is an important part of tradition. Food is shared during important events like birthdays, anniversaries or retirement and to say a final farewell to loved ones. Our Sunday to’onai is perhaps the ...
  • Graydon, Keala; Hollyer, James R; Castro, Luisa (University of Hawaii, 2007)
    This is a manual on Hawaiian fishpond restoration and management. It includes information on the history of Hawaiian fishponds, permits and regulatory considerations, equipment for operations, net-pen production, optimizing ...
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 1999-07)
  • Sato, Dwight (University of Hawaii, 1993-01)
    Living mulches were compared to weed cultivation and herbicide weed control in dryland taro. The highest No.1 corm yields were harvested from the herbicide and the cultivation treatments. The living mulches tested were ...
  • Ravoof, A A; Fox, R L; Sanford, W G (University of Hawaii, 1973)
    In summer, the humid tropics are more temperate than much of the temperate zone. Growth and uptake of N, P, and K by pineapple did not increase at root-zone temperatures above 25C and were inhibited by temperatures below ...
  • Lychee 
    Chia, CL; Hamilton, RA; Evans, DO (University of Hawaii, 1997-01)
    This is a brief guide to growing lychee trees in Hawaii.
  • Hamilton, Richard A; Ito, Philip J; Chia, C L (University of Hawaii, 1983-04)
    This publication on macadamia nuts in Hawaii covers botany, cultivars, orchard establishment, fertilization, diseases and pests, and harvesting and processing.
  • Jones, Vincent P (University of Hawaii, 2002)
    This publication provides an introduction to macadamia pest management and provides information on insect pests of the macadamia in Hawaii.
  • Shigeura, Gordon T; Ooka, Hiroshi (University of Hawaii, 1984-04)
    The macadamia was introduced to Hawaii from Australia in the late 1800s. At the time of this document's publication, Hawaii was the world's largest producer of this crops. The authors' intention was to produce a thoroughly ...
  • Kuehnle, A R; Amore, T D; Kamemoto, H; Kunisaki, J T; Lichty, J S; Uchida, J Y (University of Hawaii, 2007-01)
    ‘Maggie Inouye’ is a new light pink, tulip-type anthurium variety (UH1141). This novelty cut flower selection arose from a complex cross, involving several different species of Anthurium, that gave rise to lavender siblings ...
  • Ito, Philip J; Parvin, Philip E; Murakami, Tsuru (University of Hawaii, 1992-03)
    'Mahina Hawaii' was named for the spectacular Hawaiian moonrise; mahina means "moon." The flower has a bright yellow center with radiating salmon styles.
  • Nelson, Scot; Brewbaker, James; Hu, John (University of Hawaii, 2011-12)
    This publication describe maize chlorotic mottle, the pathogen, vectors and virus transmission, and the disease epidemiology and symptoms. It suggests integrated practices for successful management of maize cholorotic ...
  • Swift, Sabina E; Constantinides, Lynne N; McHugh, John J Jr (University of Hawaii, 2013-02)
    This poster includes pictures of papaya diseases and their symptoms, as well as control methods.
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