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  • Chan, Harvey T Jr (University of Hawaii, 1993-04)
    The paper briefly reviews various techniques for processing mangoes, with greater detail on the process for puree. The author describes commercial mango operations in Thailand and Guatemala.
  • Sekiya, Frank (University of Hawaii, 1993-04)
    This paper provides a brief overview of mango propagation practices. There was discussion of "dwarfing rootstocks," about which a university horticulturist present declared, on the basis of experiments, that "the dwarfing ...
  • Nagao, Mike A; Leite, Heather MC; Hara, Arnold H; Niino-DuPonte, Ruth Y (University of Hawaii, 2004-01)
    Garcinia mangostana and species of latex-bearing plants in the Guttiferae found in Hawaii are attacked by this insect.
  • Hartmann, Richard W (University of Hawaii, 1968-02)
  • Zschokke, Theodore C (University of Hawaii, 1930-01)
    Planting trees in a variety of ecological sites for the purpose of guarding soil fertility by preventing erosion was recommended, and techniques for accomplishing such plantings were detailed. Notes on 55 candidate trees ...
  • Miyasaka, SC; Habte, M; Friday, JB; Johnson, EV (University of Hawaii, 2003-07)
    General use of mycorrhizal fungi in cropping is reviewed. Instructions on producing inoculum from a commercial starter-culture are given.
  • Allen, O N; Allen, Ethel K (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1933-11)
    The bulletin reviews the history and present conditions of taro culture and poi making in Hawaii and discusses the preparation of poi from the bacteriological standpoint.
  • Rauch, Fred D; Bornhorst, Heidi L; Hensley, David L (University of Hawaii, 1997-01)
    Information sheet on using the Hawaiian native plant ma‘o (Gossypium tomentosum) in landscapes.
  • Fox, Robert L; Yost, Russell S (University of Hawaii, 1980)
    A map of fertilizer phosphorus requirements for the island of Hawaii is discussed. It shows the amount of P fertilizer required per gram of dry soil to establish 0.02 microgram P per milliliter of soil solution, a level ...
  • Robotham, Michael; Evensen, Carl; Cox, Linda J (University of Hawaii, 2000-12)
    Systematic assessment of pollution risk sources on a farm is advised.
  • Robotham, Michael; Evensen, Carl; Cox, Linda J (University of Hawaii, 2000-12)
    Although intended primarily for schoolchildren, this guide can help increase homeowners' awareness of pollution risks.
  • Cox, Linda J; Shehata, Sabry (University of Hawaii, 2003-09)
    Characteristics of the organic food market with relevance to marketing Hawaii beef products are discussed.
  • Higgins, J E (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1907)
    The Hawaii Experiment Station has undertaken experiments to determine what fruits can be successfully shipped and further to investigate methods of packing and shipment. The experiments also serve to introduce new kinds ...
  • Vieth, Gary R; Cox, Linda J (University of Hawaii, 1998-01)
    A consumer survey at an arts-and-crafts fair indicated that the primary consideration in the purchase of arts-and-crafts products was uniqueness. If the respondents attending that crafts fair are representative, constant ...
  • Yamauchi, Ronald (University of Hawaii, 1993-04)
    The proprietor of a small produce wholesaling business in Honolulu describes experience with mangoes.
  • Lee, James (University of Hawaii, 1990-01)
    Hawaii grown Chinese taro is in high demand in West Coast markets. Disease-free and year-round taro supply in addition to product identification are pre-requisites in establishing a market and meeting foreign competition. ...
  • Halloran, John M; Nakamoto, Stuart T (University of Hawaii, 1989-05)
    Results of a consumer preference survey indicate the most important factor in the purchase of Hawaii-grown bananas is taste; for imported Central American bananas, the most important factor is price. Problems are consumers' ...
  • Hodgson, Aurora S (University of Hawaii, 1993-04)
    This marketing panel participant, a food processing expert, briefly described use of cull mangoes to create value-added products including fruit leather, pudding, beverages, canned and dried slices, jam, chutney, and crack seed.
  • Vieth, Gary R; Cox, Linda J; Rowland, Lawrence W (University of Hawaii, 1998-08)
    The local Hawaii market for ornamental fish is saturated. If Hawaii producers want to expand the ornamental fish farming industry, they must compete with U.S. mainland and foreign suppliers for the western U.S. mainland ...
  • Nakamoto, Stuart (University of Hawaii, 1993-04)
    Market statistics for Hawaii, the United States, and some foreign markets are presented.
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