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  • Bothwell, Lori D.; Selmants, Paul C.; Giardina, Christian P.; Litton, Creighton M. (PeerJ, 2014-12-04)
    Decomposing litter in forest ecosystems supplies nutrients to plants, carbon to heterotrophic soil microorganisms and is a large source of CO2 to the atmosphere. Despite its essential role in carbon and nutrient cycling, ...
  • Kuehnle, A.R.; Amore, T.D.; Kamemoto, H.; Kunisaki, J.T.; Lichty, J.S.; Uchida, J.Y. (University of Hawaii, 2007-01)
    Anthurium cultivar ‘Le‘ahi’, UH1211, is a dual purpose, light red and green bi-color selection. Anthurium ‘New Era’, UH1402, ushers in a new era of bacterial blight–resistant cut flowers suitable for screenhouse production.
  • Hosaka, E.Y.; Ripperton, J.C. (University of Hawaii, 1944-03)
    The number of leguminous forage species found in pastures throughout the Hawaiian Islands is large, owing to the wide range in climatic conditions. At low elevations tropical species predominate, but at higher elevations ...
  • Krauss, F.G. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1911-09)
    This bulletin is intended to give brief descriptions and practical suggestions that will be helpful in growing leguminous crops under Hawaiian conditions. Recognizing the need and importance of introducing this class of ...
  • Love, Ken; Paull, Robert E. (University of Hawaii, 2013-06)
    This publication outlines the history of the lemon in Hawaii, and the cultivars and varieties found in the islands. It includes cultivation, management, disease and pest, and marketing considerations.
  • DuPonte, Michael W.; Larish, Linda Burnham (University of Hawaii, 2003-09)
  • Sakuoka, R.; Hamasaki, Randall T.; Shimabuku, Robin; Arakaki, Alton (University of Hawaii, 2000-05)
    This is a brief guide to growing lettuce in Hawaii.
  • Valenzuela, Hector R.; Kratky, Bernard; Cho, John (University of Hawaii, 1996-04)
    This publication discusses lettuce cultivar selection for Hawaii, soils and fertilizers, management practices including hydroponic production, insects and diseases, and harvest and post-harvest practices.
  • Nelson, Scot C. (University of Hawaii, 2008-07)
    This publication explains how lightning strikes and damages plants and shows injury on coconut, papaya, and banana.
  • Hue, N.V.; Ikawa, H. (University of Hawaii, 1997-11)
    Raising low soil pH to above 6 is considered beneficial for most crops. Graphs show the rise in pH of 22 Hawaii soils given incremental levels of calcium carbonate (lime).
  • Fox, Robert L.; Munns, Donald N. (University of Hawaii, 1978)
    Few legumes grow well when manganese or aluminum dominate the suite of exchangeable cations, as they do in certain acidic soils of Hawaii. An Oxisol was given increasing amounts of agricultural lime such that a soil pH ...
  • Fox, R.L.; Saidy, N.A.; Yost, R.S. (University of Hawaii, 1981)
    Yield response of cowpea over a pH gradient established by applying incremental amounts of lime to an Oxisol is illustrated and discussed.
  • Cai, Junning; Leung, PingSun (University of Hawaii, 2002-08)
    The present publication focuses on the significance of agriculture’s relations to the rest of the economy. In particular, we measure both the backward and forward linkages of agriculture to other sectors in Hawaii’s economy. ...
  • Deputy, Jay (University of Hawaii, 1999-11)
    Uses, propagation, and maintenance of spreading and clumping types of liriope are detailed, along with advice on managing insect pests, plant diseases, and weeds.
  • Higgins, J.E. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1917-07-27)
    The first Litchi chinensis plant was brought to Hawaii in about 1873. Experiment station researchers recognized the popularity of this fruit and also the lack of information on its proper cultivation. This publication is ...
  • DuPonte, Michael W. (University of Hawaii, 1998)
    This publication has been developed to help livestock producers interpret feed analysis results, which can help them in planning rations.
  • Fukumoto, Glen K.; Evensen, Carl I.; Castro, Luisa F. (University of Hawaii, 2008-02)
    This Livestock Producer’s Nutrient Management Planner provides you, the livestock producer, with help in developing an animal waste management plan for your farm. The plan will be unique to each individual farm due to ...
  • Davison, Nicky; Benavente, Janet C.; Dusaban, Chona H. (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1999-12)
    In our culture sharing is an important part of tradition. Food is shared during important events like birthdays, anniversaries or retirement and to say a final farewell to loved ones. Our Sunday to’onai is perhaps the ...
  • Graydon, Keala; Hollyer, James R.; Castro, Luisa (University of Hawaii, 2007)
    This is a manual on Hawaiian fishpond restoration and management. It includes information on the history of Hawaiian fishponds, permits and regulatory considerations, equipment for operations, net-pen production, optimizing ...
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 1999-07)
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