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  • McHugh, John J Jr.; Fukuda, Steven K.; Takeda, Kenneth Y. (University of Hawaii, 1987-12)
    This publication discusses watercress strain selection for Hawaii, growing conditions, bed construction, planting, pests, and harvesting.
  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2005-04)
    To prevent contact with E. coli O157:H7, guidelines are given for cautions to observe in the kitchen and precautions for animal handlers and visitors to animal exhibits.
  • Green, Richard E. (Richard Ervin), 1931- (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1965)
  • Criley, Richard A. (University of Hawaii, 1997-06)
    Preliminary studies on flurprimidol and ancymidol on controlling plant elongation are described.
  • Uchida, J.Y.; Aragaki, M.; Yahata, P.S. (University of Hawaii, 1989-12)
    Leaf loss and plant decline in some heliconia fields were investigated. A Cylindrocladium species was isolated and determined to be pathogenic. Experience in controlling C. spathiphylli on spathyphyllum suggested some ...
  • Lingren, Herbert G. (University of Hawaii, 1991-04)
    Youth today are at risk because of a host of family, personality, and situational factors. Most adolescents face the stresses of rapid developmental changes and challenging life events constructively. But significant numbers ...
  • Rauch, Fred D. (University of Hawaii, 1997-07)
    Information sheet on using hemigraphis (Hemigraphis alternata) in landscapes.
  • Nafus, Donald (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2000-02)
    This leaflet describes the symptoms caused by and control of hemispherical scale.
  • Motooka, Philip; Ching, Lincoln; Nagai, Guy (University of Hawaii, 2002-11)
    General methods of weed control are described. Methods of application are detailed and illustrated, including conventional foliar, low-volume (drizzle) foliar, cut-surface (notching, cut-stump, basal bark), and soil-applied.
  • Romanowski, Roman; Tanaka, J.S.; Ito, P.J. (Philip J.), 1932- (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1967)
  • Uchida, J.Y.; Yahata, P.S. (University of Hawaii, 1989-04)
    Short publication describing a new fungal disease of hibiscus cuttings in Hawaii.
  • Hara, Arnold; Tsuda, Dick; Tavares, James; Yogi, Julie; Hensley, David (University of Hawaii, 2001-04)
    Aceria hibisci causes unsightly galls and leaf distortion on hibiscus. Predatory mites are known as effective biocontrol agents. Advice on cultural and chemical controls is given.
  • Davenport, Tom (University of Hawaii, 1993-04)
    About 500 participants from 40 countries had attended the symposium in Miami Beach in 1992. The author gives highlights from the 75 oral presentations.
  • Wall, Ron (University of Hawaii, 1998-04)
  • Meng, Quinglong; Liang, Tung (University of Hawaii, 2007-06)
    HNRIS allows assessment of hydrologic characteristics, soil and weather, hazards of applying pesticides and fertilizers, sites for growing crops or raising livestock, and the effectiveness of natural resource management ...
  • Sedgwick, T.F. (University of Hawaii, 1903)
    This bulletin is a Hawaiian language synopsis of the English language Bulletin No. 2, The root rot of taro, by the same author.
  • Gantt, Paul A. (University of Hawaii, 1938-05)
    The bulletin covered swine housing, breeding, herd and animal care and management, feeds and feed analysis, suggested rations, and diseases and parasites.
  • Ito, Philip J.; Parvin, Philip E.; Murakami, Tsuru (University of Hawaii, 1992-03)
    'Hoku Hawaii', or Hawaiian star, is an early season sunburst hybrid whose bright red-orange flower resembles the color of an evening star.
  • Kuehnle, A.R.; Amore, T.D.; Kamemoto, H.; Kunisaki, J.T.; Lichty, J.S.; Uchida, J.Y. (University of Hawaii, 2002-06)
    ‘Hokuloa’ is a new cut-flower anthurium and ‘Hilo Moon’ (UH1450) is a companion cultivar to the white anthurium ‘Hokuloa’ (UH1349).
  • Ebesu, Richard (University of Hawaii, 2004-05)
    Information sheet for home gardeners on growing various types of beans.
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