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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Gene action in the inheritance of agronomic traits in intervarietal diallel crosses and relative importance of gene effects for quantitative characters in Zea mays LShin, Han Poong
Oct-2006General Elements and Principles of Landscape DesignWong, Melvin
1977Genesis and morphology of secondary products in selected volcanic ash soils from the island of HawaiiHudnall, Wayne H.
1990Genetic analysis of hybrids between Zea mays and Zea diploperennisSrinivasan, Ganesan
Jan-1993 Genetic Resistance to Alomae-Bobone Virus Complex, the Lethal Disease of Taro (Colocasia Esculenta (L.) Schott)Ivancic, Anton; Liloqula, Ruth; Levela, Helen; Saelea, Jimi; Wagatora, Daniel
Mar-2007Germinating Tea Seeds (Camellia sinensis)Sato, Dwight
Oct-1944Germination of Hawaiian Range Grass seedsAkamine, Ernest K.
Feb-2005Getting Ahead FinanciallyWall, Ron
Jun-1992Ginger Root Production in HawaiiNishina, M.S.; Sato, D.M.; Nishijima, W.T.; Mau, R.F.L.
Oct-1953Girdling as a Means of Promoting Flower-Bud Initiation in LitchiNakata, Shigeru
Nov-2008Glyphosate Injury to Coffee PlantsNelson, Scot
Jan-2009Good Food Safety Practices: Managing Risks to Reduce or Avoid Legal LiabilityConnally, Elizabeth Haws
Apr-1998A Good Time to Review Your FinancesWall, Ron
Apr-1993Government Assistance in Marketing and Promoting Hawaii's Agricultural ProductsLeister, Janet
Jun-1951Grafting and Topworking the MacadamiaFukunaga, Edward T.
Sep-1950Grafting the Mango in HawaiiBembower, William; Yee, Warren
20-Feb-1915Grasses and Forage Plants of HawaiiMcClelland, C.K.
May-1939Grasses of the Hawaiian RangesWhitney, L.D.; Hosaka, E.Y.; Ripperton, J.C.
Apr-1998Great Places to Stash Your CashWall, Ron
1981Green Manuring—Renewed Interest in an Old ConceptYost, R.S.; Evans, D.O.; Saidy, N.A.; Fox, R.L.