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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1958Factors Affecting the Growth and Yield of Coffee in Kona, HawaiiBeaumont, J.H.; Fukunaga, E.T.
Sep-2008Fairy Rings: Toadstools, Stinkhorns, and PuffballsNelson, Scot
Aug-2001Falsifications and Facts about AspartameHodgson, Aurora Saulo
May-2013Farming With Bees: The Synchronization of Pollinator Plantings to Increase Production of Cucurbit CropsArakaki, Alton S.; Hawkins, Jennifer; Radovich, Theodore
1972Fate of ametryne in soil, nutrient solution-sugarcane and soil-sugarcane systemsGoswami, Kishore Puri
Nov-2003Fathers Are Important!Davidson, Dana H.
Jan-2006Feasibility Assessment for an E-commerce Cooperative to Market Hawaii's Agricultural ProductsShehata, Sabry; Cox, Linda J.; O'Connell, Tim
Jan-1984Feasibility of Potato Production in HawaiiManrique, Luis A.
May-1994Federal Marketing Orders: Their History and PurposeHalloran, John M.
Oct-1954Feeding Habits of the Tomato Bug, Cyrtopeltis (Engytatus) modestus (Distant), with Special Reference to the Feeding Lesion on TomatoTanada, Y.; Holdaway, F.G.
Jul-1952Feeding Tests with Indigofera endecaphylla Jacq. (Creeping Indigo) and Some Observations on Its Poisonous Effects on Domestic AnimalsNordfeldt, Sam; Henke, L.A.; Morita, K.; Matsumoto, H.; Takahashi, M.; Younge, O.R.; Willers, E.H.; Cross, R.F.
Jun-1988Fertilization of Avocado TreesChia, C.L.; McCall, W.W.; Evans, D.O.
Jul-1958Fertilization of Coffee in Kona with Special Reference to Nitrogen NutritionCooil, Bruce J.; Fukunaga, Edward T.; Awada, Minoru
Jun-1980Fertilization of RosesMcCall, Wade W.
Jun-1980Fertilizer for the Home GardenMcCall, Wade W.
Jun-1980Fertilizer Use in the Home GardenMcCall, Wade W.
Nov-1986Fertilizers for Fruit Trees in the Home GardenMcCall, Wade W.; Chia, C.L.
Feb-1997Fertilizers for Fruit Trees in the Home GardenMcCall, Wade W.; Chia, C.L.
Jun-1998Fertilizers for Trees and ShrubsHensley, David; Meade, Ginny
May-2007Ficus Plants for Hawai'i LandscapesWong, Melvin