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  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2008-09)
    Food sensitivity, allergy, and intolerance are distinguished, labeling of potential allergens is discussed, and advice on risk management by the foodservice and food processing industries is given.
  • Asifoa-Lagai, Molly (American Samoa Community College, 2012-07)
    The purpose of this study is to assess if food desert exist at school locations in American Samoa. A food desert is an area that lacks nutritional food. Most of the schools on island are public institutions and the majority ...
  • Asifoa-Lagai, Molly (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2009)
    Obesity is one of the main concerns for medical professionals, community leaders, and parents in American Samoa. Studies reveal the increasing number of overweight children in American Samoa. Most children attend public ...
  • Zaleski, Halina M.; Duguies, Manuel; Ioanis, Engly; Cleveland, Gordon; Paquin, Daniel; LeaMaster, Bradley; Castro, Luisa; Hollyer, James (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2003-06)
    The intent of this fact sheet is to provide introductory information on swine production that has been tested on Pacific island farms. This publication provides information on preparation of cooked food waste for use as ...
  • Hodgson, Aurora S. (University of Hawaii, 1998-11)
    Facts and fears about food irradiation are addressed.
  • Hodgson, Aurora S. (University of Hawaii, 2000-11)
    Directions for procedures for safe food handling to avoid food poisoning are given.
  • Saulo, Aurora A. (University of Hawaii, 2006-10)
    Directions for procedures for safe food handling to avoid food poisoning are given.
  • Asifoa-Lagai, Molly (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2012)
    American Samoa is a US territory currently dealing with an increased number of people suffering from obesity and chronic illnesses. In 2000, 62% of individuals or 50% of families from American Samoa had incomes below the ...
  • (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2012)
    A poster outlining the results of an 18-item food security measure developed by the USDA to assess Food Insecurity is known as the Household Food Security Survey (HFSS) module which had been translated into Samoan and was ...
  • Wenkam, Nao S. (University of Hawaii, 1990-10)
    This publication is part of a series designed to revise and expand information on nutritive value and related data on foods of consequence to Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. The data are organized to accomplish the following: ...
  • Wenkam, Nao S. (University of Hawaii, 1986-10)
    Many foods that are sold in packages or containers supply nutrition information, but others such as fresh produce generally do not. The purpose of this publication is to bridge this gap by making available nutrition ...
  • Wenkam, Nao S. (University of Hawaii, 1983-06)
    Data on moisture, protein, fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins were presented. Both common and unusual vegetables consumed in Hawaii were included.
  • Wenkam, Nao S. (University of Hawaii, 1986-02)
    The information on nutrition labels appears as amounts of food energy and selected nutrients contained in a designated serving size, and it also appears as the percentage of the U. S. Recommended Daily Allowances, or U.S. ...
  • Miller, Carey D.; Louis, Lucille; Yanazawa, Kisako (University of Hawaii, 1946)
    The study this bulletin was based upon examined the foods and dietary habits of Filipinos in the low-income category in Hawaii. Many of the plants described were relatively unusual home-garden species brought by immigrants ...
  • Thorne, Mark S.; Fukumoto, Glen K.; Stevenson, M.H. (University of Hawaii, 2007-01)
    Factors affecting foraging behavior, their adjustment, and range improvement are important components of a range management plan.
  • Yates, Julian R. III; Tamashiro, Minoru (University of Hawaii, 1999-02)
    The biology, control, and prevention of damage by Hawaii's most destructive termite species is described.
  • Perez, Kauahi; Kobayashi, Kent; Sako, Glenn (University of Hawaii, 2009-06)
    This import from Queensland, Australia, has received attention in the Hawaii landscape and plant nursery industries because of its beauty, fast growth, and adaptability.
  • Walker, Mabel; Miller, Carey D. (Carey Dunlap), 1895- (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1961)
  • Hamasaki, Randall T.; Valenzuela, Hector R.; Tsuda, Dick M.; Uchida, Janice Y. (University of Hawaii, 1994-12)
    This publication covers cultural practices, pests and diseases, and harvest and postharvest practices for fresh basil production in Hawaii.
  • Mitchell, Wallace C. (University of Hawaii, 1993-04)
    The author, an entomologist, reviewed the principal infestation barriers to mango export from Hawaii: fruit flies and the seed weevil. Because of these problems, he ventured that the total value of the conference participants' ...
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