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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1962Economics of the Hawaiian beef industry in 1962; a preliminary summaryPhilipp, P.F. (Perry Fred), 1913-; Creek, C. Richard
Sep-1935The Edible Passion Fruit in HawaiiPope, W.T.
May-2006Edible Plants for Hawai'i LandscapesWong, Melvin
Jan-1993 Effect of Alomae-Bobone Virus Complex on Young Taro Seedlings and Other Aroid Species in Controlled ConditionsIvancic, Anton; Liloqula, Ruth; Levela, Helen; Saelea, Jimi
Jan-1993 Effect of Black Plastic Mulch on Yield of Dryland Taro ProductionHori, Ted M.
1966Effect of concentration on the performance of caged leghorn hens in HawaiiBatra, Tilak Raj; Herrick, R.B. (Raymond B.), 1926-; Cobb, Estel H.
1966Effect of early feeding of finishing rations on the subsequent performance of broilersPalafox, Anastacio Laida, 1914-
1963Effect of management system on dressing percentage and carcass composition of mature New Hampshire hensRoss, E. (Ernest), 1920-; Tanaka, Tokushi; Ishida, Jack T.
10-Sep-1912The Effect of Manganese on Pineapple Plants and the Ripening of the Pineapple FruitWilcox, E.V.
1969Effect of pH, silicon and phosphorus treatments on growth and yield of papaya (Carica papaya L.)Adlan, Hassan Ali
Jan-1993 Effect of Planting Coleus blumei on Insect Populations in Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Fields in American SamoaVargo, A.M.; Fruean, K.; Fa'aumu, S.; Patea, I.; Aieti, R.
1967Effect of regrowth period on yield, chemical composition, and nutritional value of panicum grassIshizaki, S.M. (Stanley Muneo); Stanley, Richard W.
1978The effect of shading on morphology, yield and nitrogenase activity of grain legumes and tropical forage grasses and legumesEriksen, Flemming Iskov
2008Effectiveness of microbial solubilization of phosphate in enhancing plant phosphate uptake in tropical soils and assessment of the mechanisms of solubilizationOsorio, Nelson Walter
Dec-1977The effects of age, temperature and duration of exposure to temperature on susceptibility of pineapple to floral induction with ethephonConway, Michael James
1959Effects of carbon dioxide on quality and shelf life of papayaAkamine, Ernest K., 1912-
1967Effects of different levels of N, P and K fertilization on the growth and yield of upland and lowland taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott, var. Lehua)De la Pena, Ramon S (Ramon Serrano), 1936
1979Effects of drying methods, extent, and inorganic cementing constituents on the structural properties of typic Hydrandepts of Hawaii's forestlandLim, Howard Sookil
Jan-1993 Effects of Fertilizer, Late Weeding, and Desuckering on Yield and Pest Populations of TaroSchreiner, I.; Nafus, D.
Jun-1961Effects of Growth Regulators on Fruit Set and Growth of the Acerola (Malpighia glabra L.)Yamane, G.M.; Nakasone, H.Y.