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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1963Effect of management system on dressing percentage and carcass composition of mature New Hampshire hensRoss, E. (Ernest), 1920-; Tanaka, Tokushi; Ishida, Jack T.
10-Sep-1912The Effect of Manganese on Pineapple Plants and the Ripening of the Pineapple FruitWilcox, E.V.
Jan-1993 Effect of Planting Coleus blumei on Insect Populations in Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Fields in American SamoaVargo, A.M.; Fruean, K.; Fa'aumu, S.; Patea, I.; Aieti, R.
1967Effect of regrowth period on yield, chemical composition, and nutritional value of panicum grassIshizaki, S.M. (Stanley Muneo); Stanley, Richard W.
1959Effects of carbon dioxide on quality and shelf life of papayaAkamine, Ernest K., 1912-
1967Effects of different levels of N, P and K fertilization on the growth and yield of upland and lowland taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott, var. Lehua)De la Pena, Ramon S (Ramon Serrano), 1936
Jan-1993 Effects of Fertilizer, Late Weeding, and Desuckering on Yield and Pest Populations of TaroSchreiner, I.; Nafus, D.
Jun-1961Effects of Growth Regulators on Fruit Set and Growth of the Acerola (Malpighia glabra L.)Yamane, G.M.; Nakasone, H.Y.
Jun-1966Effects of Heavy Applications of Lime to Soils Derived from Volcanic Ash on the Humid Hilo and Hamakua Coasts, Island of HawaiiRixon, A.J.
Jan-1993 Effects of Mulching and Intercropping on Upland Tarode la Pena, Ramon S.; Melchor, Florendo M.
Mar-1982Effects of Nutritional Factors on Chemical and Soil MicrobiostasisKo, Wen-hsiung
Jan-1957Effects of Water and Nitrogen Application on Composition, Growth, Sugars in Fruits, Yield, and Sex Expression of the Papaya Plants (Carica papaya L.)Awada, Minoru; Ikeda, Warren S.
Sep-2000‘Egami’, a New Longan Cultivar from HawaiiIto, Phillip J.; Zee, Francis; Nagao, Mike
Apr-1975Embryonic Development of the Drywood Termite, Cryptotermes brevisKawanishi, Clinton Y.
Apr-1993Engineering a Hydroponic System for Growing Mango TreesLiang, T.; Paquin, D.; Wang, K.; Khan, M Akram
Aug-1997Enhancing Family Empowerment: Facilitator MaterialsNolen, Teris P.; Benavente, Janet C.; Workman, Randall; Besebes, Shirley
Dec-1998Enhancing Family Empowerment: Small and Homebased Businesses - Resource MaterialsWhitaker, Carol S.; Gabbard, Salaia L.
Aug-2002Enhancing Your Lanai, Balcony, or Patio with Container PlantsCriley, Richard
Oct-1961Erosion Behavior and Control on a Stripmined Latosolic Soilvan't Woudt, Bessel D.; Uehara, Goro
May-1990Estimated Impact on Hawaii's Economy of Replacing Selected Fresh Vegetable and Fruit ImportsYokoyama, Kevin M.; Wanitprapha, Kulavit; Leung, PingSun; Nakamoto, Stuart T.