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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2006Agricultural Biotechnology in Hawai‘iWieczorek, Ania M.; Munster, Peter
Oct-1929Agricultural Extension Work in HawaiiLloyd, William A.
Feb-2000Agriculture’s Contribution to Hawaii’s EconomyLeung, PingSun; Sharma, Khem R.; Nakamoto, Stuart T.
Feb-2002Agriculture’s Contribution to Hawaii’s Economy—An UpdateLeung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew K.
Jun-1997AkiaRauch, Fred D.; Hensley, David
Jun-1982AkuNakahira, Karen H.; Maretzki, Audrey N.
Mar-1966AkuMatsumoto, Eleanor A.
Feb-2008Alien Pest Alert: Stop the Little Fire AntAnonymous
1994Alley cropping as a soil nitrogen management practice for maize productionGlover, Nancy L.
Apr-2006An Ally in the War Against Nematode Pests: Using Sunn Hemp as a Cover Crop to Suppress Root-knot NematodesHooks, Cerruti R2; Wang, Koon-Hui; Fallon, Declan
Dec-1985Alternative Crops for Hawaii: A Bibliography of Methodologies for ScreeningRoecklein, John C.; Leung, PingSun; Malone, John W Jr.
Jul-1999Alternatives to Forest Gathering of Plant Materials for Hula Lei AdornmentVieth, Gary R.; Cox, Linda J.; Josephson, Margaret; Hollyer, James
Dec-2000Alternatives to Hazardous Household ProductsRobotham, Michael; Evensen, Carl; Cox, Linda J.
1978Amorphous Coatings on Soil Mineral Surfaces Sorb Phosphate and SulfateJones, Rollin C.; Fox, Robert L.
1995Analysis and prediction of growth, grazing impacts, and economic production of Acacia koaGrace, Kevin T.
1970Analysis and prediction of the properties of Western Samoa soilsSchroth, Charles Lorenz
Mar-2014Ancient diversification of Hyposmocoma moths in HawaiiHaines, William P.; Schmitz, Patrick; Rubinoff, Daniel
Dec-2000Animal Health Survey for Guam 1999Duguies, Manuel; Nusbaum, Steve; Saville, Peter
Jun-1980Animal ManuresMcCall, Wade W.
May-1993An Annotated Bibliography of Survey and Analysis Methods for Study of Indigenous Agroforestry SystemsSuchocki, Tracy J.; Fownes, James H.