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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Common Problems of Macadamia Nut in HawaiiBittenbender, H.C.; Hirae, Howard H.
Oct-2007Comparative Advantage of Selected Agricultural Products in Hawaii: A Revealed Comparative Advantage AssessmentCai, Junning; Leung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew
Jun-1963The Comparative Effects of Calcium Carbonate and of Calcium Silicate on the Yield of Sudan Grass Grown in a Ferruginous Latosol and a Hydrol Humic LatosolMonteith, N.H.; Sherman, G. Donald
Oct-1954Comparison of Certain Antibiotics in Several Chick Starter RationsPalafox, A.L.; Rosenberg, M.M.
Aug-2008A Comparison of Hawai'i and National Home-Based Family BusinessesHsu, Peter; Masuo, Diane; Fong, Grace; Yanagida, John
May-2010Competitiveness of Hawaii's Agricultural Products in JapanParcon, Hazel; Yu, Run; Loke, Matthew; Leung, PingSun
Jun-1980The Composition of Fertilizer MaterialsMcCall, Wade W.
Dec-1965Composition of Hawaii FruitsWenkam, Nao S.; Miller, Carey D.
Jun-1980Compost for the Home GardenMcCall, Wade W.; Nakagawa, Yukio
Jul-1998Composted Animal Manures: Precautions and ProcessingLeaMaster, Brad; Hollyer, James R.; Sullivan, Jennifer L.
Apr-2005Composted Swine Manure for Vegetable Crop ApplicationZaleski, Halina M.; Paquin, Daniel G.
Aug-2005Composting Worms for HawaiiSelden, Piper; DuPonte, Michael; Sipes, Brent; Dinges, Kelly
Feb-2001Considerations Regarding Long-term Care InsuranceWall, Ron
Feb-2005Constructing a Cenicafe Rake for Stirring Deck-dried CoffeeGautz, Loren D.
Jun-2010Construction of Automatic Bell Siphons for Backyard Aquaponic SystemsFox, Bradley K.; Howerton, Robert; Tamaru, Clyde S.
Apr-1999Consumer Eye on Credit UnionsWall, Ron
Apr-1998Consumer Reports Puts Products to the TestWall, Ron
Jul-1982Container Grown GardensMcCall, Wade W.
Jan-1993 Continuing Role of Aroids in the Root Crop-Based Cropping System of TongaPole, Finau S.
Jan-2008The Contribution of Agriculture to Hawai‘i’s Economy: 2005Leung, PingSun; Loke, Matthew K.