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  • Fukumoto, Glen K; Kim, Yong S (University of Hawaii, 2007-03)
    Results of analyses of forage-finished beef carcasses are given, showing that high-quality carcasses can be produced on 100-percent forage-based production systems in Hawaii.
  • McCall, Wade W (University of Hawaii, 1987-08)
    Green manure and cover crops are grown to supply additional organic matter and to protect the soil from erosion. Legumes are often preferred for the nitrogen they provide. This is a brief, general guide to using these crops ...
  • McCall, Wade W (University of Hawaii, 1987-08)
    This brief publication provides an introduction to its subject for Hawaii gardeners and farmers. Tables list plants, both legumes and nonlegumes, suitable for the various purposes described.
  • McCall, Wade W (University of Hawaii, 1986-11)
    Hawaii is at the northern edge of the tropics, where the prevailing winds are the northeasterly trades. These winds are generally 8 to 20 miles per hour, but gusts up to 40 miles per hour or more may occur. These trade ...
  • McCall, Wade W (University of Hawaii, 1986-06)
    Water is essential for plant growth. It supplies the hydrogen and oxygen needed for carbohydrate formation in the plant. It also moves mineral nutrients from the soil into the plant and then to the part of the plant ...
  • McCall, Wade W (University of Hawaii, 1982-11)
    Most seeds contain the necessary nutrients for germination and seedling growth until they emerge into the light and can manufacture their own food. Then the plants must absorb mineral nutrients from the soil or other ...
  • Grzebik, Jayme; Mersino, Edwin (University of Hawaii, 2009-01)
    Poinsettias purchased during the year-end holidays can be maintained by potting up or transplanting; tips on their care are given.
  • Goto, Y. Baron (Yasuo Baron), 1901-1985; Fukunaga, Edward T. (Edward Tamotsu) (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1985)
  • Smith, Jody; Valenzuela, Hector (University of Hawaii, 2002-08)
  • Carrots 
    Tanaka, Jack S; Nakagawa, Yukio; Sakuoka, Richard (University of Hawaii, 1997-01)
    Information sheet for home gardeners on growing carrots.
  • Nelson, Scot C (University of Hawaii, 2008-07)
    This plant has many positive uses but can be a severe pathogen of coastal plants in Hawaii and the Pacific region. The distinction between it and two similarly parasitic dodders (Cuscuta spp.) is made, and control options ...
  • Goff, M Lee (University of Hawaii, 1987-02)
    Records are given for 466 species of Acari (mites) representing 104 families and five suborders. For each taxon, distribution within the Hawaiian Islands, hosts or associations, and literature citations are given.
  • Tanaka, Jack S; Nakagawa, Yukio; Sakuoka, Richard (University of Hawaii, 1997-01)
    Information sheet for home gardeners on growing cauliflower.
  • Kuehnle, A R; Amore, T D; Kamemoto, H; Kunisaki, J T; Lichty, J S; Uchida, J Y (University of Hawaii, 2007-01)
    Anthurium cultivar ‘Centennial’, UH1272, is a dual-purpose cut flower and potted plant selection named in celebration of 100 years of higher education in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Brosnan, JT; Deputy, J (University of Hawaii, 2008-03)
    Cultivars, establishment, and maintenance of centipedegrass are described.
  • Nelson, Scot C (University of Hawaii, 2008-08)
    Two species of horticultural importance, causing leaf and fruit spots, are known in Hawaii, affecting guava, avocado, and other plants.
  • Nelson, Scot C (University of Hawaii, 2008-06)
    This disease, also known as brown eyespot, caused by the plant-pathogenic fungus Cercospora coffeicola, can be economically important in Hawaii at some locations or in some seasons due to the costs associated with managing ...
  • Roberts, Darrell L (University of Hawaii, 1988-07)
    The chain saw is one of the most useful and timesaving power tools ever made. It is also one of the most dangerous. A chain saw should be picked for the main cutting jobs it is to do. Since the bar saw is the type best ...
  • Silva, James A; Uchida, Raymond S (University of Hawaii, 2000)
    This book presents information about how soils provide nutrients to plants and how soils can be managed to improve their nutritional status for plant growth. The chapters are intended to help growers and agricultural ...
  • Silva, J A; Evensen, C I; Bowen, R L; Kirby, R; Tsuji, G Y; Yost, R S (University of Hawaii, 2000)
    The goal of a nutrient management plan is to ensure the availability of adequate nutrients for crop production with minimal nutrient loss in runoff or leaching from the root zone. Such a plan should include an evaluation ...
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