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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1989Pseudocercospora Leaf Spot of Raphis PalmUchida, J.Y.; Nagata, N.M.
Dec-1992'Puma' GrapefruitHamilton, Richard A.; Ito, Philip J.
Feb-2005Pumehana' and 'Andraecola-1' AnthuriumsKuehnle, A.R.; Amore, T.D.; Kamemoto, H.; Kunisaki, J.T.; Lichty, J.S.; Uchida, J.Y.
Jan-2008Purple Nutsedge Control in Turf and OrnamentalsBrosnan, J.T.; DeFrank, J.
Jan-1990Pythium Root Rot of SpathiphyllumUchida, Janice Y.
Jun-2004Quarantine Pests Commonly Found in Shipments from HawaiiChun, S.; Niino-DuPonte, R.; Hara, A.H.; Jacobsen, C.
Mar-1992'Rachel' - A Salmon-Orange Sunburst ProteaIto, Philip J.; Parvin, Philip E.; Oka, David W.
Dec-2000Rainwater Catchment SystemsRobotham, Michael; Evensen, Carl; Cox, Linda J.
Sep-1981Raising Rabbits in HawaiiVogt, D.W.
Jun-1933Range Grasses of HawaiiRipperton, J.C.; Goff, R.A.; Edwards, D.W.; Davis, W.C.
Jul-2005A Rapid Method for On-Farm Quality Evaluation of Macadamia NutsGentry, Trevor; Wall, Marisa; Nagao, Mike
Nov-1993'Rapoza' - A High-Quality MangoHamilton, R.A.; Ito, P.J.
Nov-1993Rapoza'--A High-Quality MangoHamilton, R.A.; Ito, P.J.
Jun-2012Rat-Feeding Injury to Plants in HawaiiNelson, Scot
Jan-2005Ready-to-eat Foods and ListeriosisSaulo, Aurora A.
1-May-1960Reasons and Methods for Protecting Farm Areas on Oahu.Nunns, Frederick K.
Apr-1961Recovery of Some Volatile Components from Mango and GuavaKunishi, Alice T.; Seale, Peter E.
Nov-2004Red Imported Fire Ant, a Seriously Harmful Potential Invasive SpeciesReimer, Neil J.; Okada, Carol
Dec-2000Reducing Pollution Risks from Your TrashRobotham, Michael; Evensen, Carl; Cox, Linda J.
Dec-2006Reducing Risk of Getting a Foodborne Illness from Fresh ProduceSaulo, Aurora A.