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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1913Plantation rubber in HawaiiAnderson, W.A.
Dec-1997Planting a TreeMeade, Ginny; Hensley, David L.
Jan-1982Planting the Home GardenMcCall, Wade W.
Feb-1998PlumeriaCriley, Richard A.
Jan-2005Plumeria in Hawai‘iCriley, Richard A.
Jan-2009Plumeria RustNelson, Scot
Nov-1984'Poamoho' Pole BeanHartmann, Richard W.
Jan-1997PohaChia, C.L.; Nishina, M.S.; Evans, D.O.
Mar-1992'Pohaka La Hawaii' - The Hawaiian Sunbeam ProteaIto, Philip J.; Parvin, Philip E.; Murakami, Tsuru
Apr-1999Pohnpei Food Choices for Healthful Living Based on Food Group ListsShovic, Anne Caprio
Jan-1981Poi Consumption: Consumption of a Traditional Staple in the Contemporary Era, in Honolulu, HawaiiBegley, Bryan W.; Spielmann, Heinz; Vieth, Gary R.
Jun-2000Pointers on Keeping Picnic Foods SafeHodgson, Aurora Saulo
Mar-1959Pollination and Fruit Set in the Yellow Passion FruitAkamine, Ernest K.; Girolami, Guido
Jun-1954Pollination Requirements of MacadamiaUrata, Ukio
Dec-2000Pollution Prevention Contacts and Information ResourcesAnonymous
1974Pore-geometry effects on solute dispersion in aggregated soils and evaluation of a predictive modelRao, Palakurthi Suresh Chandra
Apr-2004A Portable Dry-Litter Pig PenFukumoto, Glen; Wimberly, Jim
Apr-1993Postharvest Physiology of Mango FruitPaull, Robert E.
Oct-2008Postharvest Rots of BananaNelson, Scot
Jul-2012Potassium Deficiency of Palms in HawaiiNelson, Scot; Patnude, Erik