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  • Fukumoto, Glen K. (University of Hawaii, 2009-07)
    Pen materials and design, management concerns, feeding options for forage and supplementals, energy balance, nutrient requirements, and a production example with cost analysis are discussed.
  • Fukumoto, Glen K. (University of Hawaii, 2009-07)
    The publication reports a case study in using a movable cage to provide forage as a component of the feed ration for laying hens. A materials list and details on the cage construction are included. A cost analysis over a ...
  • Tanaka, Tokushi (University of Hawaii, 1972)
    This manual provided basic information on poultry breeding, nutrition, and management for backyard poultry flocks.
  • Zee, Francis; Sato, Dwight; Keith, Lisa; Follett, Peter; Hamasaki, Randall T. (University of Hawaii, 2003-09)
    Much interest was aroused by successful plantings of tea at sites on the island of Hawai‘i (2800 and 4000 ft elevation). The publication details types of tea, propagation, field planting, pruning and harvesting, pests and ...
  • Selden, Piper; DuPonte, Michael; Sipes, Brent; Dinges, Kelly (University of Hawaii, 2005-08)
    Vermicomposting uses earthworms and other microorganisms to digest organic wastes, such as kitchen scraps. Vermicomposting is faster than traditional composting methods, requires less space, and creates little odor. Making ...
  • El-Swaify, S.A.; Dangler, E.W.; Armstrong, C.L. (University of Hawaii, 1982-12)
    This publication addresses the problem of water and rainfall erosion of soil in the tropics. Methods of erosion control are proposed.
  • Van't Woudt, Bessel D., 1913- (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1959)
  • McCall, Wade W. (University of Hawaii, 1980-06)
    An "ideal" soil for house plants is one that has adequate and lasting fertility, has good structure so that air and water penetrate readily, retains moisture, is free of weed seeds, insects and disease organisms, and has ...
  • Ikawa, Ike; Hue, Nguyen; Yost, Russell (University of Hawaii, 2010)
    This poster describes and provides color photos of ten different soil orders in Hawaii.
  • McCall, Wade W. (University of Hawaii, 1980-06)
    Roses have long been popular flowers for the home. They will grow well and produce beautiful flowers if given some upkeep and a few minutes care each week. Proper location, use of good soil, proper soil preparation and the ...
  • Green, Richard E.; Fox, Robert L. (University of Hawaii, 1978)
    The importance of depth of rooting during seasonal droughts is illustrated, and the facts that influence rooting depth are discussed.
  • McCall, Wade W.; Watanabe, Roger T. (University of Hawaii, 1980-06)
    Soils have many physical, chemical, and biological properties that determine their suitability for the growth of plants. Soil reaction, or pH, is one very important property that has great influence on the growth of soil ...
  • McCall, Wade W. (University of Hawaii, 1980-06)
    Salinity is the presence of soluble salts in the soil. Soluble salts may be detrimental by increasing the salt concentration of the soil solution. High concentration of salts in the soil solution directly reduce plant growth.
  • McCall, Wade W. (University of Hawaii, 1980-06)
    The basic resource for a successful home garden is the soil, which provides support, nutrients, air, and water for plant growth. If the soil is managed properly, high yields of high-quality vegetables can be expected.
  • Deenik, J.; McClellan, A.T. (University of Hawaii, 2007-09)
    Ten major soil orders found in Hawaii are described, and maps show their distribution on the six main Hawaiian islands.
  • Ayres, A.S. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1943-09)
    Rainfall in the agricultural areas of the Hawaiian Islands covers the extremely wide range of from less than 20 inches to more than 200 inches annually. A generally open condition of the soil permits comparatively rapid ...
  • Ikawa, H.; Sato, H.H.; Chang, A.K.S.; Nakamura, S.; Robello, E Jr.; Periaswamy, S.P. (University of Hawaii, 1985-12)
    Soils of 16 research sites in the University of Hawaii's agricultural research station network are described in detail. The sites are on the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii. Soil series in the soil orders Mollisols, ...
  • DuPonte, Michael W.; Larish, Linda Burnham (University of Hawaii, 2003-09)
  • Rotar, Peter P.; Urata, Ukio (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1966)
  • Fairbairn-Dunlop, Peggy (University of Hawaii, 1993-01)
    In recent years, agricultural research has turned from a concentration on technology improvement (i.e., taro varieties, soils analysis, quick-growing hybrids) to include a concern for the socio-economic context of the study ...
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