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2010Plant Species with Spontaneous Reproduction in Homegardens in Eastern Tyrol (Austria): Perception and management by women farmersVogl-Lukasser, Brigette; Vogl, Christian R.; Gütler, Marianne; Heckler, Serena
2010Ethnobotanical Study of Hyacinthaceae and Non-hyacinthaceous Geophytes in Selected Districts of MalawiMwafongo, Elizabeth; Nordal, Inger; Magombo, Zacharia; Stedje, Brita
2010In-vitro antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity of selected medicinal plant extracts from Penang Island Malaysia on metronidazole-resistant-Helicobacter pylori and some pathogenic bacteria.Uyub, Abdul M.; Nwachukwu, Ikenna N.; Azlan, Ahmad A.; Fariza, Shaida S.
2010An Ethnobotanical Inventory of Himalayan Region Poonch Valley Azad Kashmir (Pakistan)Azam Khan, Muhammad; Azam Khan, Mir; Hussain, Mazar; Mujtaba, Ghulam
2010A Comparative Analysis of Medicinal Plants Used by Folk Medicinal Healers in Three Districts of Bangladesh and Inquiry as to Mode of Selection of Medicinal PlantsHaque Mollik, Ariful; Hossan, Shahdat; Kumar Paul, Alok; Taufiq-Ur-Rahman, M.; Jahan, Rownak; Rahmatullah, Mohammed
2010On-farm Diversity and Characterization of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Landraces in the Highlands of West Shewa, EthiopiaEticha, Firdissa; Sinebo, Woldeyesus; Grausgruber, Heinrich
2010Ex-situ Management Study of Some High Value Medicinal Plant Species in Swat, PakistanSher, Hassan; Hussain, Farrukh; Sher, Hazrat
2010Arundo donax L. (Giant reed) Use by Turkish CypriotsGücel, Salih
2010The North American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea Willd.); Sacred food of the Osage PeopleSwan, Daniel C.
2010Traditional Use of Medicinal Plants in Bangladesh to Treat Urinary Tract Infections and Sexually Transmitted DiseasesHossan, Shahadat; Hanif, Abu; Agarwala, Bipasha; Sarwar, Shahnawaz; Karim, Masud; Taufiq-Ur-Rahman, M.; Jahan, Rownak; Rahmatullah, Mohammed
2010Interpreting Resource Gradients and Patches for the Conservation of Woody Plant Diversity at Mt. Kasigau, KenyaMedley, Kimberly E.; Mwandoe, Zaphania; Mwamodo, Moses; Zungi, Juma; Mwatate, Danson; Njege, Nashon
2010Do They Really “Know Nothing”? An inquiry into ethnobotanical knowledge of students in Arizona, USAO’Brien, Colleen M.
2010Uses and Commercial Prospects for the Wine Palm, Attalea butyracea, in ColombiaBernal, Rodrigo; Galeano, Gloria; García, Néstor; Olivares, Ingrid Lorena; Cocomá, Carolina
2010Ethnobotanical Study of the Rural Population of the West of the Pampa Plain (Argentina)Muiño, Walter Alejandro
2010Ethnobotanical Uses of Plants among the Bhotiya Tribal Communities of Niti Valley in Central Himalaya, IndiaPhondani, P.C.; Maikhuri, R.K.; Rawat, L.S.; Farooquee, N.A.; Kala, C.P.; Vishvakarma, SCR; Rao, K.S.; Saxena, K.G.
2010Ethnomedicine of Ogiek of River Njoro Watershed, Nakuru- KenyaNgari, Eunice W.; Chiuri, L.W.; Kariuki, S.T.; Huckett, S.
2010Ethnobotany and Conservation of Plant Resources of Kainji Lake National Park, NigeriaAmusa, T.O.; Jimoh, S.O.; Aridanzi, P.; Haruna, M.
2010Cooling the Heat - Traditional remedies for malaria and fever in Northern PeruBussmann, Rainer W.; Glenn, Ashley
2010The Geography of the Chios Mastic Trade from the 17th through to the 19th CenturyIerapetritis, Dimitrios G.
2010Ethnomedicinal Analysis of Toxic Plants from Five Ethnic Groups in ChinaHuyin Huai; Qinqin Dong; Aizhong Liu