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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012Applied conservation research of the wēkiu bug in Hawai΄i : life table analysis, population genetics, and phylogenetics create a holistic view of a rare and unique speciesEiben, Jesse Alan
1993Behavioral ecology of the Mediterranean fruit fly : leks, courtship, nuptial gifts, and average offspringWhittier, Timothy S.
2008Biological and molecular characterization of caecum-associated symbionts in the PentatomidaePrado, Simone S.
25-May-1934Biological studies on the Nitidulid beetles found in pineapple fieldsSchmidt, Carl
1966Biology and control of Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijskes) (Acarina: Tenuipalpidae)Haramoto, Frank H (Frank Hiroshi)
1979The biology and control of the big-headed ant and its associated mealybugs in Hawaiian pineapple fieldsSu, Tsong Hong
1969The biology and population dynamics of Icerya purchasi Maskell (Homoptera: Margarodidae)Hale, Lester Darrel
1933The biology, distribution and control of ants in Hawaiian pineapple fieldsPhillips, John
1991The chigger mites (Acari: Trombiculidae) of the Philippine IslandsBrown, Wayne A.
1963The Coccoidea of Micronesia (Homoptera)Beardsley, John W (John Wyman)
Jun-1954A comparative study of the bionomics of Peregrinus maidis (Ashmead) and its egg-predator, Cyrtorhinus mundulus (Breddin) and the toxicity of several contact and systemic insecticides to the two speciesVerma, Jit
Dec-2010Developing a monitoring tool to understand the seasonal dynamics and management techniques to estimate a sampling plan for Xylosandrus compactus (Eichhoff) in HawaiʻiGreco, Elsi Burbano
Aug-2013Ecological management of insect pests using cover crops in field crops and vegetablesManandhar, Roshan
1992The ecological significance of the big-headed ant in mealybug wilt disease of pineappleJahn, Gary C.
1965Ecological studies on Polydesma umbricola Boisd. in Hawaii (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)Arthur, Mervyn
1975Effects of an entomogenous nematode, Neoaplectana carpocapsae Weiser, on the Formosan subterranean termite, Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki, with ecological and biological studies on C. formosanusFujii, Jack K.
1970Epizootiological survey of avian malaria in the Hawaiian IslandsNavvab Gojrati, Hassan Ali
1965Factors affecting the latent toxicity of aldrin, DDT, and heptachlor to resistant and susceptible strains of the house flySanchez, Fernando Flores
Aug-2013Foraging response of female bactrocera dorsalis (hendel) to a fruit fly protein food attractantChou, Ming-Yi
1990Gene flow as a factor in the evolution of insecticide resistanceCaprio, Michael A.