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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1982Hawai'i coastal field sites directory projectTabata, Raymond S.
Jun-1982Hawaiian environmental education: opening the doorsHarada, Suzan M.
Jun-1982Honeycreeper predation on caterpillars on the island of HawaiiSmith, C.W.
Jun-1982Horticultural adaptation and ecological change in southwestern O'ahu: preliminary evidence from Barbers PointDavis, Bertell D.
Jun-1982Island ecosystem stability and Metrosideros diebackvan Riper, Charles III
Jun-1982J. Linsley Gressitt: his contributions to science and conservationGagne, Wayne C.
Jun-1982Late Holocene vegetation history from Hawaiian peat depositJuvik, James; Lawrence, Lyn
Jun-1982The Maui Forest Disease and its impact of forestry in HawaiiHolt, Robert Alan
Jun-1982The Melbourne Hillebrand Collection of Hawaiian plantsCorn, Carolyn A.
Jun-1982Methods for censusing Rock Wallabies on OahuSutterfield, T.
Jun-1982Mites that sizzle, slosh and go bump in the dark: exploitation of stress habitats by Acari in the Hawaiian islandsGoff, M Lee
Jun-1982The National Park and forest mortality research in New ZealandGerrish, Grant
Jun-1982Nutrient studies in the 'Ohi'a Rain Forest, Hawai'iBalakrishnan, N.
Jun-1982Population biology of wooden plant species of Haleakala: a progress reportSmith, C.W.
Jun-1982Population, distribution and adverse effects of feral goats at Haleakala National ParkKjargaard, John I.
Jun-1982Preliminary notes on the spiders of shrubs of Southern California, Oahu and GuamPinter, Lawrence J.
Jun-1982Productivity and movements of Nene in the Ka'u Desert, Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkStone, C.P.; Hoshide, H.; Banko P.C.
Jun-1982Productivity of wild and captive Nene populationsBanko, Paul C.
Jun-1982Research on ecotypes of MetrosiderosStemmermann, Lani
Jun-1982Resources management problems in Halekala National Park and current status of park efforts to mitigate these problemsCooper,R B.; Nagata, R.J.