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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1980The endemic Hawaiian Cerambycid BeetlesGressitt, J Linsley
Jun-1980Environmental studies of Leptospirae in Hawai'iSengbusch, C.H.
Jun-1980Exotic plants in Kipahulu Valley: 1945-1980Yoshinaga, Alvin Y.
Jun-1980Factors limiting the reproductive success of NeneBanko, Paul C.
Jun-1980Fish and Decapod Crustacea in altered and unaltered streams on the Island of Hawai'iTimbol, Amadeo S.
Jun-1980Food habits of the Roof Rat (Rattus Rattus) in two areas of Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkRussell, Christa A.
Jun-1980Front Matter-
Jun-1980Groundwater conditions in the 'Ohi'a Rain Forest near HiloDoty, Robert D.
Jun-1980Growth and development of a pure stand of Koa (Acacia Koa) at Keauhou-KilaueaSkolmen, Roger G.; Fujii, David M.
Jun-1980Habitats of the endangered plants of the Island of Hawai'iSt. John, Harold
Jun-1980Haleakala Crater: its resources and management problemsSmith, Clifford W.
Jun-1980Hawaiian stream ecology as exemplified by the streams of the Kipahulu District, Haleakala National ParkKinzie, Robert A. III; Ford, John I.
Jun-1980High altitude Aeolian ecosystems in the Hawaiian islandsPapp, Richard P.
Jun-1980Impact of introduced anthropods on endemic terrestrial organisms in Hawai'iBeardsley, John W Jr.
Jun-1980Interpreting for the general publicBoynton, David
Jun-1980Investigation of Avian Malaria in Hawai'i's National Parksvan Riper, Charles III; van Riper, Sandra; Goff, M Lee; Laird, Melvin
Jun-1980Kilauea Caldera: the geology and stratigraphy of the western wallCasadevall, Tom; Dzurisin, Daniel
Jun-1980Kilauea Volcano's November 1979 eruptionBanks, Norman G.; Staff
Jun-1980Laboratory studies on the parasitism of the Formosan Subterranean Termite by an Entomogenous NematodeFujii, Jack K.
Jun-1980A late look at some Hawaiian tree snailsMull, William P.