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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1978Haleakala National Park Crater District resources basic inventory: birds of the Crater DistrictConant, Sheila; Stemmermann, Maile
Jun-1978Experimental hybridizations in Hawaiian MetrosiderosCorn, Carolyn A.
Jun-1978The rare and threatened plants in the Ahupua'a of Manuka, Kaulanamauna, and Kapu'a, South Kona, Hawai'iCroft, Lisa K.; Higashino, Paul K.
Jun-1978Hawaii IBP synthesis: 3. The Kilauea Rain Forest ecosystemConant, Sheila
Jun-1978Front Matter-
Jun-1978Roof rat depredations on Hibiscadelphus (Malvaceae) TreesBaker, James K.; Allen, Melinda S.
Jun-1978Acid rain in Hawai'iMiller, John M.; Yoshinaga, Alan M.
Jun-1978The role of the Hawaiian Two-Lined 'Ohi'a Borer, Plagithmysus Bilineatus Sharp, in the decline of 'Ohi'a-Lehua forests on the island of Hawai'iPapp, Richard P.
Jun-1978Haleakala National Park Crater District resources basic inventory: introduction and general overviewSmith, Clifford W.
Jun-1978Back Matter-
Jun-1978Habitat utilization and niche components in some Hawaiian endangered forest birdsRalph, C John
Jun-1978Planting, a tool for native ecosystem restorationReeser, Don
Jun-1978Nene reintroduction program and research in Hawaiian National ParksBanko, Paul C.
Jun-1978Some limiting factors and research needs of endangered Hawaiian forest birdsBanko, Winston E.
Jun-1978The Whitney Laboratory of Seismology (1912-1963)Apple, Russell A.
Jun-1978Haleakala National Park Crater District resources basic inventory: insects and other terrestrial anthropodsBeardsley, J.W.; Burkhart, R.; Goff, M.L.; Hara, A.; Teves, G.
Jun-1978Biological control of wildland weed pests in Hawaii--is it a feasible solution?Beardsley, John W Jr.
Jun-1978Human perception of the Hawaiian endangered species: a preliminary report on a three-year random surveyMerlin, Mark David
Jun-1978Variability in dorsal patterning among populations of Hawaiian "Happy-Face" spiders (Theridion Sp. or Spp.) on the Big IslandMull, William P.
Jun-1978Forest bird survey of the Hawaiian islandsScott, J Michael