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Jun-1984Remnant native vegetation at a lowland site near Kihei, MauiMedeiros, A.C.; Loope, L.L.; Hobdy, R.
Jun-1984Water, water everywhere, but... Tissue water relations of bog and rainforest plants of alakai swamp, KauaiCanfield, J.E.
Jun-1984Status of feral pig management and research in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkStone, C.P.; Taylor, D.
Jun-1984The lowland dry forest and scrub of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: vegetation recovery in an historically stressed ecosystemWilliams, J.
Jun-1984Dr. Maggot and Mr. Worm: forsenic entomology in HawaiiGoff, M.L.
Jun-1984Current biocontrol investigations: exploration for control agents in the native habitats of Firetree, and evaulation of rust diseases of Rubus spp. In the Southeastern USGardner, D.E.
Jun-1984Status of stream channel modification in Hawaii and its effects on native aquatic faunaParrish, J.D.; Maciolek, J.A.; Timbol, A.S.; Hathaway, C B Jr.; Norton, S.E.
Jun-1984Vegetation response to protection from goats in a montane koa parkland ecosystemSnowcroft, P.G.
Jun-1984Morphological anomalies of two geckos, Hemidactylus Frenatus and Lepidodactylus Lugubris, and the toad, Bufo Marinus, on the island of HawaiiChang, P.R.K.; Shero, C.M.; Watts, C.
Jun-1984Leaf litter decomposition in Hawaiian streamsArcher, K.M.; Parrish, J.D.
Jun-1984Sexual dimorphism and sexual selection in Hawaiian DrosophilaCarson, H.L.
Jun-1984Biological control of the noxious weed gorse Ulex Europaeus L.Markin, G.P.
Jun-1984Reciprocal courtship experiments between allopatric populations of Theridion grallator: assymetrical isolation and incipient speciation depends on habitat heterogeneityGong, S M III
Jun-1984Structure, productivity, and nutrient cycling--important but little known parameters of Hawaii's Koa-ohia forestsConrad, C.E.; Scowcroft, P.G.
Jun-1984Population ecology and successional behavior of exotic and native shrubs in the devastation area, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HawaiiWright, R.A.
Jun-1984Interrelationships of alien and native plants and animals in Kipahulu valley, Haleakala National Park: a preliminary reportStone, C.P.; Bank P.C.; Higashino, P.K.; Howarth, F.G.
Jun-1984Congeneric succession of Metrosideros in HawaiiStemmermann, L.
Jun-1984Front Matter-
Jun-1984Development status of the Hawaiian Culture and Environment Speaker's Bureau ProjectScudder, R.J.